Precise and Efficient TIG/PAW Wire Feeder for Optimal Welding

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Precise and Efficient TIG/PAW Wire Feeder for Superior Welding Operations

Upgrade your welding operations with our highly efficient TIG/PAW Wire Feeder. This tool is not only precise but is also characterized by its:

  • Stable DC Motor: Ensures consistency through low-speed wire feeding
  • Speed Versatility: Supports a TIG speed range of 100-1200mm/min and PAW speed range of 300-2800mm/min
  • Flexible Wire Diameter: Compatible with 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, and 1.6mm wire diameters
  • Interchangeable Roller System: Provides versatility in applications
  • Customizable Control Settings: Offers choice of central or individual speed adjustments

Excellently suited for industries like automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding, steel construction, and heavy machinery fabrication, this tool is pivotal in stepping up your welding capabilities.

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Precise and Efficient TIG/PAW Wire Feeder for Superior Welding Operations

Perfect your welding operations with our technologically advanced 'TIG/PAW Wire Feeder - Stable & Efficient Wire Feeding Solution.' Designed to offer unbeatable control and precision, this tool is a versatile asset for multiple industrial applications.

Built with an ultra-modern DC motor, our TIG/PAW Wire Feeder offers steady and low-speed wire feeding which results in clean and precise welds every time. With its capability to provide TIG wire feeding speed ranging between 100-1200mm/min and PAW wire feeding speed from 300-2800mm/min, this wire feeder is adaptive to various welding situations.

  • Accommodates Varied Wire Diameters: Our wire feeder supports a wide array of wire diameters, specifically u00d80.8mm, u00d81.0mm, u00d81.2mm, and u00d81.6mm. This breadth of scope enables you to undertake different types of welding without any compromise on quality.
  • Interchangeable Rollers: The product comes with easily interchangeable rollers that increase its adaptability for diverse welding needs.
  • Dual-Control Feature: Adjust your wire feeding speed centrally via the system or separately through the control box, providing complete flexibility according to your project requirements.

Owing to its impeccable design, this wire feeder guarantees precise wire positioning, even at low speeds, making it ideal for intricate welding applications where precision is paramount. No matter if you are using TIG or PAW welding processes, our wire feeder delivers utmost stability and efficiency, boosting your performance output.

Upgrade Your Welding Operations

Invest in our revolutionary TIG/PAW Wire Feeder for enhancing your welding capabilities. Experience unrivaled stability, efficiency, and precision in every operation!

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