Advanced Three-Foot Centrifuge: SSG/SSN Series - Efficient Solid Phase Particle Separation

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The Advanced Three-Foot Centrifuge: SSG/SSN Series offers superior solid phase separation for particles as small as 0.01mm. This manual top discharge centrifuge is perfect for diverse materials, including granular, crystalline, and fibrous types. It’s designed for optimal performance within chemical, light industry, and pharmaceutical sectors.

  • Optimized for intermittent operation, suitable for substantial processing volume.
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  • Sophisticated design simplifies operation and enhances productivity.
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  • Accurate control of filtering time for precise usage.
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  • Inbuilt washing feature eliminates filter residue effectively.
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  • Potential applications also include textile dehydration and iron recovery in lubricating oil.
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Advanced Three-Foot Centrifuge: SSG/SSN Series | Optimal for Solid Phase Particles Separation

The Advanced Three-Foot Centrifuge: SSG/SSN Series is a masterpiece of modern technology, designed precisely for various industrial applications where efficient and accurate separation of solid phase particles from suspensions is an essential part of the process.

This remarkable centrifuge stands out for its aptitude in the manual top discharge process and intermittent operations, showcasing an impressive level of efficiency and convenience. It's the ideal tool for professionals within a range of industries including chemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, textile and more.

  • Manual discharge design with a user-friendly structure for simple and efficient operations.
  • Comes with a precise control function for filtering time, enabling users to optimize productivity without any compromise on the quality of results.
  • It features a dedicated washing function for filter residue, guaranteeing clean and residue-free results every time.
  • Expertly engineered to prevent the destruction of solid particles during operation, preserving the integrity and quality of your products.
  • Versatile and suitable for various industries – from chemical to pharmaceutical, light industry to textile, and many more.
  • Perfectly suited for tasks that require textile dehydration and iron recovery in lubricating oil.

With its innovative and convenient qualities, the Three-Foot Centrifuge: SSG/SSN Series establishes itself as your ultimate partner for all your centrifugal requirements. It offers an uncompromising balance of quality, efficiency, and reliability, making it an essential tool for modern industry professionals.

Whether you are involved in the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, or any industry that requires precise solid phase particle separation, the Advanced Three-Foot Centrifuge: SSG/SSN Series is the centrifuge of choice. Delivering superior performance and reliability, it ensures your operations are carried out with the highest levels of efficiency.

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