Non-contact Infrared Clinical Thermometer | Safe, Fast, & Accurate

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The Non-contact Infrared Clinical Thermometer ensures accurate, safe temperature measurements. It’s an ideal choice for both healthcare and industrial sectors.

  • Non-contact: Permits hygienic measurements, minimizing cross-infection risks.
  • Consistent Accuracy: Offers temperature range of 34-42 u00b0C with a precision of 0.1 u00b0C.
  • User-friendly, Handheld design: Features ergonomic pistol grip for ease and comfort.
  • Digital Display: Facilitates quick and easy interpretation of results.
  • Battery-powered: Furnished with batteries for sustained use.
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Non-contact Infrared Clinical Thermometer | Accurate and Non-Contact Temperature Measurement Device

Experience the breakthrough in health technology with our Non-contact Infrared Clinical Thermometer. Crafted with innovative infrared technology and high precision, this thermometer is an essential tool for medical facilities and homes. Its non-contact methodology ensures a safe and hygienic procedure while providing quick, reliable, and accurate results. It effectively strikes a balance between advanced technology, usability, and health safety.

  • Designed with advanced infrared (IR) technology for accurate non-contact temperature measurements, ensuring safety and hygiene are never compromised.
  • Ergonomic pistol-style grip and handheld design add to user comfort and unrestrained usage.
  • Offers an accurate measurement range from 34 to 42 degrees Celsius or 93 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Incorporates a user-friendly digital display for an easy and clear reading of temperatures, even in direct sunlight conditions thanks to its backlight.
  • Guaranteed accuracy with a precision rate of 0.3 degrees Celsius for foolproof temperature readings.
  • Operates on 2 x 1.5 V AA or AAA batteries for an efficient, replaceable power source - batteries included in the package for immediate use.
  • Integrated with an automatic switch-off feature for power efficiency to prolong battery life.
  • Opts for a hold function that retains the latest measurement for simple reference and comparison, offering smart analysing capacity.
  • Water-resistant build makes it perfect for use in varied conditions and reassures easy cleaning and disinfection.
  • Leaves nothing to guesswork with an alert feature that notifies when the device is ready for use and when a measurement is complete, using audio or visual signals.

With our Non-contact Infrared Clinical Thermometer, you can bid farewell to traditional temperature measurement methods and step into an era of advanced, precision-based healthcare. Every package comes complete with a detailed instruction manual in English and a set of batteries for instant usage. No user or technical training is required, making its application accessible and convenient to all users.

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