Premium Therapeutic CMV Online | Nutritional Combatant Against Severe Malnutrition

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Product: Premium Therapeutic CMV Online is a precise formulation intended to combat severe malnutrition. It offers a comprehensive spectrum of important vitamins and minerals.

  • Well-rounded blend: Contains 13 crucial vitamins and 6 essential minerals assuring full-fledged nutrition.
  • Packaging: Sealed metal tin (800g) ensures the product’s freshness and potency are intact.
  • Usability: Ideal for crafting therapeutic solutions like ReSoMal, F-75, and F-100.
  • Permanence: Excellent shelf life of 24 months guarantees consistent product efficiency.
  • Perfect Pair: Works optimally when used with therapeutic milk and ReSoMal sachets.

Purchase: Amplify your health care provision quality with Premium Therapeutic CMV Online.

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Premium Therapeutic CMV Online | Comprehensive Nutritional Defense Against Severe Malnutrition

Are you battling the debilitating effects of severe malnutrition? Our Premium Therapeutic CMV Online might be your powerful advocate. This all-in-one dietary supplement enriches your body with a plethora of vitamins and minerals that address your complex nutritional needs, promoting optimal health and vitality.

Gems of the Essential Nutrient Spectrum

This product equips you with the complete benefits of key vitamins - A, C, D, E, K, and the B-vitamin suite. There's more. It is also enriched with critical minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Iodine, and Selenium. Together, they contribute to boosting your overall health, reinforcing your immune system, and powering your vitality.

Dosing Accuracy

Our product comes with a custom measuring scoop. Each scoop measures up to precisely 6.35g, allowing you to leverage the product's benefits effectively and efficiently.

Extended Shelf Life

Offering a product lifespan of two years, Premium Therapeutic CMV is a dependable accompaniment to meet your long-term nutritional needs.

Storage Instruction

To maintain the product's potency, store it in a location that is cool, dry, free from direct sunlight and below 30u00b0C.


Premium Therapeutic CMV pairs well with ReSoMal, F-75, and F-100 fortified high-energy milk, revealing a versatile usage pattern.


The product comes in a robust 800g metal tin, available in a set of six. Adhering to the World Health Organisation's globally respected guidelines to curb severe malnutrition, this product is a comprehensive and reliable solution. Note, however, that it should be a part of diverse dietary measures, and not considered an exclusive nutrient source. Consumption of this product should be under the guidance of healthcare professionals.

Warning: Use with Proper Guidance

Premium Therapeutic CMV is a dietary supplement intended to complement a well-rounded diet. It is crucial that your consumption is supervised by healthcare professionals.

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