GY-A228N Test Chamber: Optimal Solution for Industry-grade Refrigeration Treatments

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GY-A228N Test Chamber: An industry-leading solution for comprehensive refrigerating treatments. Offers precise control and reliable performance, facilitated by quality components from TECUMSEH, DANFOSS, and EMERSON. Main features:

  • Temperature Control: Incorporates advanced microcomputer control and digital temperature display, ranging from -20°C to -125°C.
  • Components: Utilizes high-quality parts from globally recognized brands for superior reliability.
  • User Interface: Equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen display for enhanced visibility of readings and settings.
  • Customizability: Provides options for customization to non-standard sizes, including the potential for ultra-low temperature freezer production.
  • Versatile Applications: Perfectly suited for mechanical assembly, large scale equipment low temperature testing, and industrial refrigerating treatment.
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GY-A228N Test Chamber: Unrivalled Industrial Refrigerating Solution

The GY-A228N Test Chamber exemplifies a blend of excellence, innovation, and practicality. This advanced refrigerating treatment unit is specifically designed for the challenging industrial environment and boasts broad-ranging applications.

  • Exceptional Components: The Test Unit is integrated with globally recognized components such as France TECUMSEH compressors, Germany DANFOSS compressors, and EMERSON compressors to ensure optimum performance.
  • Superior Control System: Fitted with a microcomputer controller and a cascade temperature controller, the GY-A228N allows precise temperature adjustments from -20°C to -125°C. Its digital display ensures temperature reading accuracy.
  • In-built Safety Measures: This test chamber prioritizes safety with features such as freezer overload protection, high-pressure switches, overload relays, and a thermal protection device.
  • Customizable Structure and Capacity: The GY-A228N's design accommodates customization according to specific user requirements. Its large load ability and excellent volume ratio make it an ideal choice for various industrial environments.
  • Diverse Applications: This test chamber can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of operational processes, including mechanical assembly, extensive equipment lower-temperature testing, and other industrial refrigeration treatments.
  • User-Friendly Interaction: The 7-inch touch screen display facilitates easy monitoring and control with clear temperature readings and access to other settings.

With the GY-A228N Test Chamber, elevate your industrial refrigerating treatments to new efficiency and reliability heights.

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