Ultra-low Temperature Freezer LD-4W: Unparalleled Cooling Solution for labs

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The Ultra-low Temperature Freezer LD-4W is a state-of-the-art cooling system created for a broad array of industries, laboratories, and research centers. Its vast temperature ambit spanning -80°C to -30°C ensures ideal storage environments for delicate products.

  • Available models: LD-4W, LD-6W, LD-8W, LD-12W
  • Delivers impressive cooling capacity: 6kW to 18kW at -60°C and 4kW to 12kW at -75°C
  • Designed for ease-of-use with a 7-inch color touch screen interface
  • Guarantees steady temperature regulation via a single-chip microcomputer controller
  • Constructed using long-lasting SUS304 for enhanced durability
  • Operational power: 380V 50HZ, maximum capacity ranges between 14kW to 43kW
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Ultra-low Temperature Freezer LD-4W: The Ultimate Cooling Technology for Labs

Offering a superior low-temperature storage solution for laboratories and research centers worldwide, the Ultra-low Temperature Freezer LD-4W is a marvel in cooling technology. This top-tier freezer encapsulates brilliant functionality and innovative technology, designed to support the critical storage of heat-sensitive products.

Outstanding Features

  • Wide Temperature Range: The Freezer offers a flexible temperature scale, able to reach extremes between -80°C and -30°C, catering to diverse storage requirements.
  • Impressive Cooling Capacity: The LD-4W provides a compelling cooling strength, from 6kW to 18kW at -60°C and 4kW to 12kW at -75°C, demonstrating resilience under severe temperature conditions.
  • Intuitive User Interface: A seven-inch color touch screen provides a user-friendly experience, making operations straightforward and hassle-free.
  • Advanced Controller: A single-chip microcomputer controller incorporated for deft control over temperature settings, improving efficiency.
  • Enclosed Circulation System: This feature maintains performance stability by preventing oil mist at high temperatures and water vapor at low temperatures.
  • Safety and Efficiency: Operating on a 380V 50HZ cycle, the freezer maxes out at capacities between 14kW to 43kW, integrating complete safety mechanisms.

Splendidly designed and uncompromising on performance, the Ultra-low Temperature Freezer LD-4W defines industry standards when it comes to preserving sensitive products under low-temperature conditions. Focused on customer convenience, the Freezer comes in a sturdy wooden casing, ensuring secure transport and swift delivery time of just 25 days. The LD-4W represents not just a purchase but a valuable investment in unmatched quality and performance.

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