SUNDI-575 Ultra-Low Temperature Industrial Refrigeration Device - Precise Control, Safeguard and Versatility

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The Ultra-Low Temperature Industrial Refrigeration Device SUNDI-575 is a high-caliber control equipment suitable for both industrial and lab environments. It features:

  • Temperature Range: Commanding control from -50u00b0C to 250u00b0C.
  • Custom Programming: Program editor for dynamic programming — up to 20 custom temperature steps programs.
  • Reliable Components: High-grade components from Tecumseh, Copeland, Danfoss, and Emerson ensure durability and optimum performance.
  • Security Features: Equipped with freezer overload protection, high-temperature protection and diagnostic system.
  • Closed Circulation: Features an automatic oil replenishment system reducing water vapor at low temperatures and oil mist at high temperature.
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Ultra-Low Temperatures Industrial Refrigeration - SUNDI-575

The SUNDI-575 Ultra-Low Temperature Refrigeration Device offers quick, precise temperature control across a broad spectrum from -50℃ to +250℃. This high-quality equipment is an ideal solution for industrial, commercial, and laboratory uses, where maintaining constant temperature is crucial.

  • Advanced Control: Incorporated with innovative features including feed-forward PID and dynamic control calculation enabling precise temperature control. The equipped PLC controller guarantees exceptional precision and reliability.
  • Programmability: This device offers high-level programmability, with a built-in program editor that supports up to 20 programs. Each program can handle up to 45 steps, enabling the design of complex temperature-control scenarios that can meet unique and challenging demands.
  • Robust Communication: The SUNDI-575 uses MODBUS RTU Protocol and RS 485 Interface for seamless data exchange, ensuring easy integration with other systems and enhanced interoperability.
  • Temperature Accuracy: This industrial refrigeration device maintains a constant temperature with an accuracy up to ±1℃, ensuring stringent temperature control.
  • High Heating & Cooling Capacity: Designed with high heating power (2500W to 15000W) and cooling capacity up to 15000W at 250℃, this unit is capable of taking on heavy-duty workloads.
  • Superior Safety Measures: Equipped with a self-diagnosis function and protection mechanisms that guard against freezer overload, high pressure, overheating, and low liquid level, the SUNDI-575 provides uncompromising safety, stability, and reliability.
  • Closed Circulation System: The device features a fully sealed circulation system, preventing the escape of oil mist or water vapor. It automatically tops up oil at low temperatures, ensuring the unit's continuous and optimal operation.

The SUNDI-575 Ultra-Low Temperature Refrigeration Device is fitted with premium components including Tecumseh and Copeland compressors, Danfoss and Emerson expansion valves and oil separators, and a KAORI Plate heat exchanger, ensuring superior efficiency and longevity. The unit uses R-404A refrigerant and adheres to the highest international safety and environmental standards, making it a reliable and eco-friendly choice for all temperature-control needs. With an easy-to-use 7-inch color touch screen, controlling and managing all functions of the SUNDI-575 is straightforward and simple.

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