SUNDI-6A25W: Unparalleled Temperature Control Unit for Industrial Heating & Refrigeration

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Efficiently manage your industrial processes with the TCU of Heating and Refrigeration Machine SUNDI-6A25W. It features excellent temperature control from -60u2103 to 250u2103 suitable for numerous operations.

  • Precise Control: Contains advanced controllers for dependable temperature regulation.
  • Streamlined Communication: Works with MODBUS RTU Protocol and RS 485 Interface.
  • Temperature Precision: Ensures an extraordinary accuracy level of ±1u2103.
  • Heating/Cooling Capacity: Customizable for different model and temperature conditions, with 25kW-130kW heating power.
  • Safety First: Equipped with multiple safety measures including overload and high temperature protection.
  • Refrigerant Type: Employs R-404A R23 mixed refrigerant for effective cooling.
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Experience the Future of Temperature Regulation with the SUNDI-6A25W!

Introducing the SUNDI-6A25W, a groundbreaking solution to heating and refrigeration that is designed to meet diverse industrial temperature regulation requirements. With a remarkable temperature control range from -60u00b0C to 250u00b0C, the SUNDI-6A25W sets a new standard for versatility in temperature control units (TCUs).

This high-performance TCU leverages advanced technology to deliver precision temperature control, ensuring optimal performance in dynamic industrial environments.

  • Engineered with Precision: Equipped with a feed-forward PID controller, dynamic control calculations and a PLC controller, the SUNDI-6A25W offers unparalleled accuracy in temperature control.
  • Seamless Communication: With MODBUS RTU Protocol and RS 485 Interface, the unit ensures effortless connectivity and integration, making it a suitable choice for various setups.
  • Unmatched Temperature Control Accuracy: Enabled with heat-conducting medium feedback PT100 and three temperature measuring points, this TCU guarantees temperature accuracy within u00b11u00b0C.
  • Maximum Customization: The SUNDI-6A25W features editable programming with up to 20 programs and 45 steps per program, giving you the power to regulate and control your heating and cooling processes based on specific requirements.
  • Powerful Heating: With heating power ranging from 25kW to 130kW depending on the model, our unit ensures robust heating when you need it.
  • Reliable Cooling: The cooling capacity adjusts per model and temperature requirements, promising dependable cooling.
  • Advanced Safety Measures: Equipped with features like self-diagnosis function, overload protection for the freezer and relay, thermal protection device, liquid low level and high temperature protection, and temperature fault protection, the unit prioritizes safety and durability.
  • Environmentally Responsible: R-404A R23 mixed refrigerant has been used for ensuring an environmentally friendly refrigeration solution.

The SUNDI-6A25W TCU is your all-in-one solution to the demands of advanced temperature regulation in industrial settings. Place your order today and revolutionize your temperature regulation procedures. Shipment of your order in secure wooden packaging will be within 25 days of your order placement.

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