High-Performance TCU of Heating and Cooling Systems LT-A080N - Revolutionary Advanced Temperature Control System

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Introducing the High-Performance TCU of Heating and Cooling Systems LT-A080N, designed for superior temperature precision ranging from -80°C to -20°C. This unit reinforces efficiency through its key features:

  • Equipped with an ASET multifunctional controller for optimal temperature regulation.
  • Enabled with MODBUS RTU Protocol and RS 485 Interface for seamless communication and integration.
  • Offers security protection features including self-diagnosis and thermal protection, safeguarding efficient operation and upholding safety protocols.
  • Operates on AC380V 50HZ power supply, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Built with resilient cold rolled steel for prolonged industrial use.
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  • Procurenet Team Tshim Sha Tsui
    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

The High-Performance TCU of Heating and Cooling Systems LT-A080N is a breakthrough product that significantly upgrades thermal management technology. This product offers reliable functionality combined with high-end performance, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of heating and cooling functions. The versatility of this system is reflected in its temperature range. With an unprecedented stretch from -80u00b0C to -20u00b0C, it covers a vast array of temperature requirements.

Built to sustain consistent performance, it absorbs power via AC380V 50HZ, which ensures resilience under diverse conditions. The product is equipped with an advanced ASET multifunctional controller that introduces precision into the control of environmental conditions. It also incorporates the MODBUS RTU Protocol and an RS 485 Interface, making it fit to facilitate effective and seamless communication for optimized performance.

With a focus on security, the LT-A080N Heating and Cooling System is fitted with a thorough self-diagnostic function and multiple safety features. This includes an overload protection function for the freezer, a high-pressure switch, overload relay, and a thermal protection device. These additions guarantee safe operation, allowing the user total peace of mind when it comes to safety considerations.

Constructed from durable cold rolled steel painting, this system offers genuine longevity. It resists challenging conditions to maintain its high-performance standard. Here is a quick overview of its key features:

  • A broad temperature range of -80u00b0C to -20u00b0C
  • An advanced ASET multifunctional controller for precise temperature regulation
  • MODBUS RTU Protocol and RS 485 Interface for improved communication
  • Comprehensive safety features including self-diagnostic functions and numerous protection components
  • Robust construction from durable cold rolled steel painting for durability

The High-Performance TCU of Heating and Cooling Systems LT-A080N assures an unbeatable temperature control experience. So, enhance your operations by investing in this superior product.

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