Multi-Purpose Clear Adhesive Tape - High Quality Adhesion Solution

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Multi-Purpose Clear Adhesive Tape – 15mm x 10m/BOX-20

Our Multi-Purpose Clear Adhesive Tape meets versatile needs with dependability and robustness. Featuring a transparent nature, it keeps the bonded surfaces visible, ensuring no compromise in aesthetics.

  • Resilient Performance: Suitable for various weather conditions, offering a reliable hold.
  • Dimensionally Ample: Furnishes a coverage area with its dimensions of 15mm width and 10m length.
  • Universal Applicability: Optimal for school projects, packaging, or office organization.

This adaptable and enduring adhesive tape aids to elevate your workplace productivity.

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Dependable Multi-Purpose Clear Adhesive Tape for all Your Stationery Needs

The high-quality Multi-Purpose Clear Adhesive Tape is your ultimate stationery solution. Specially crafted for multi-utility purposes, this transparent adhesive tape boasts robust sealing power for a variety of tasks.

Product Description:

This transparent adhesive tape is your reliable companion for every adhesion requirement. With a box containing 20 rolls, there's plenty of tape to handle numerous tasks at home, school, or office. Each roll measure 15mm in width and 10m in length, offering abundant material for any taping necessity.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Crystal Clear Transparency: Ensures a neat, seamless finish ideal for every application.
  • Unmatched Adhesion: Delivers robust, consistent adhesion across varied surfaces or materials.
  • Climate Resilient: Our adhesive tape maintains superior adhesion irrespective of the climatic conditions.


These multi-purpose adhesive tapes are securely packed in a box of 20 rolls, effectively protecting the rolls during transportation and storage.

Weight and Dimensions:

The total weight of 20 rolls is approximately 0.238kg and an estimated volume of 1.300CDM. Their compact size ensures easy storage.


Ideal for 'School-in-a-box' kits and Early Childhood Development kits, this clear adhesive tape is also perfect for general-purpose usage.


Our Multi-Purpose Clear Adhesive Tape guarantees unmatched performance and practicality for all your taping needs. It maintains strong adhesion, high durability, and provides a clean, tidy finish, thus providing a reliable, multi-faceted tape solution

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