Advanced Tank Extraction Equipment for Efficient Ingredient Extraction

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Advanced Tank Extraction Equipment is a versatile solution crafted for efficient ingredient extraction across various sectors. It features:

  • Expertise in producing traditional Chinese Medicine and effective use in food, biological, and light industries.
  • A sturdy main vessel ensuring precise control, efficient separation and filtration, and seamless removal of waste materials.
  • Advanced temperature and pressure control systems for enhanced safety and operational efficacy.
  • Construction with Stainless Steel 304 offering durability, operating at a pressure of 0.1 MPa and heat resistance up to 100°C.
  • Availability in sizes spanning from 500L to 8000L, perfectly fitting large-scale extraction needs.

This equipment, with its easy-to-clean structure, ensures a long life for your operations.

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Advanced Tank Extraction Equipment for Robust and Efficient Ingredient Extraction

Experience unparalleled control, versatility, and efficiency in ingredient extraction with our Advanced Tank Extraction Equipment. Engineered with precision, this radical system is armed with a broad array of components, making it an absolute necessity across multiple industries. It not only finds its application in traditional Chinese medicine but also makes a significant contribution to plant, food, biological, and light industries.

From extraction, warm immersion, heat reflux, to forced circulation, seepage, separation of aromatic oil, and recovery of organic solvents, it exhibits exceptional competence under various conditions including atmospheric pressure, pressurization, and decompression.

Main Advantages:

  • Multiple shapes including straight cylinder type, positive cone type, and inverted cone type cater to a vast array of extraction processes and requirements.
  • CIP universal cleaning ball for seamless maintenance, ensuring high-quality extraction throughout.
  • Crucial integration of thermometer, pressure gauge, safety valve, and explosion-proof audition spotlight for reliable control and safety.
  • Additional features like the quick-open feeding port, pneumatic slag door, and stirring device enhance usability and operational efficiency.


The performance parameters of this versatile equipment vary with the variant chosen. Five capacity options are available: 500L, 1000L, 3000L, 6000L, and 8000L, making it suitable for businesses of all scales.

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Leverage this state-of-the-art Tank Extraction Equipment and take your ingredient extraction process a notch higher, enhancing operational efficiency and output quality.

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