Premium Versatile Examination Table: Superior Comfort for Enhanced Patient Care

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The Premium Versatile Examination Table is specifically designed for enhanced patient care. Its sturdy, adaptable metal frame comfortably supports various patient positions. The medical-grade polyurethane foam padding ensures superior comfort.

  • Patient-Centric Design: Prioritizes patient comfort and safety with adjustable elements.
  • Superior Durability: Robust assembly capable of handling up to 160kg.
  • Sizing and Weight: Notably large with dimensions 186 x 55.5 x 80cm. It weights approximately 38.5kg.
  • Easy Assembly: Accompanied by tools for secure and efficient setup.
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Enhance Your Healthcare Facility with the Premium Versatile Examination Table

Elevate the standard of healthcare at your practice with the Premium Versatile Examination Table. Blending comfort, durability, and functionality, this examination table transforms patient-care at healthcare institutions. It is designed to promote maximum patient comfort during examinations and is perfect for various medical procedures.

Experience Unmatched Attributes and Superior Functionality

  • The non-removable upholstery, crafted from luxurious, high-density polyurethane foam, offers unrivaled comfort.
  • An adjustable backrest caters to individual patient needs, providing for a personalized comfort level.
  • The fully extendable sections convert into a flat surface aptly suited for diverse medical procedures.
  • Constructed using corrosion-resistant materials, this table ensures dependable, long-lasting performance in challenging environments. Its epoxy-coated tubular steel frame guarantees durability, offering extended product longevity.
  • Adjustable feet, crafted from rugged rubber or nylon, keeps the table stable on a variety of surfaces, ensuring patient safety.
  • The added convenience of a flexible, tear-resistant plastic table cover significantly enhances the table’s life-span and durability.
  • Its simple knock-down construction ensures ease of assembly. The comprehensive assembly kit and detailed pictorial instructions make the setup process simple and convenient.
  • The product comes with streamlined single-unit packing, ideal for systematic inventory management, and eases storage complexities.
  • With a lightweight and compact design, it weighs in at just 38.5kg and holds a volume of 0.19m3, making it an ideal choice for all healthcare institutions.

Premium Versatile Examination Table: Redefining Comfort in Healthcare

This premium versatile examination table offers unparalleled functionality, unbeatable comfort, and unmatched dependability. Given its plethora of versatile features and efficient design, it stands as a game-changer in uplifting patient care levels. Equip your healthcare setup with our examination table and experience excellence in patient-care!

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