2ml Syringe with Reuse Prevention Technology | 21G Needle - Safe Medication Administration

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Presenting the 2ml Syringe with Reuse Prevention Technology and 21G Needle, a medical device for safe and secure vaccine reconstitution and single-use applications. Product highlights include:

  • Conformity with ISO 7886-4:2006 offering quality assurance.
  • Transparent barrel allowing accurate measurement and bubble detection.
  • Sterile packaging with a 5-year shelf life.
  • Contained in secondary packaging of 100 individually blister-packed syringes.
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2ml Syringe with Reuse Prevention Technology, 21G Needle - Box of 100: Your Key to Safe and Effective Medication Administration

Offering superior medical safety and efficiency, the 2ml Syringe with Reuse Prevention Technology is an innovative tool designed for optimal operation in any healthcare environment. With a high-end design that inhibits unauthorized refilling, it fosters a more sterile and healthful setting.

  • Every box contains 100 syringes, each with a 2ml capacity and a precisely fitted 21G needle to ensure precise medication delivery.
  • Endorsed by the WHO with a category E013 Performance Specification, it demonstrates exceptional reliability and safety standards.
  • Features a transparent barrel, allowing for easy volume estimation and quick detection of air bubbles.
  • Constructed with durable medical-grade plastic and stainless steel to ensure longevity and to minimize patient discomfort during administration.
  • Includes a graduated scale on the barrel for accurate dosage calculation.
  • Each syringe is sterilized with Ethylene oxide, prioritizing patient safety.
  • The product and its packaging comply with several ISO standards, guaranteeing its premium quality and operation efficiency.
  • Features a 5-year shelf life, reflecting not only its durability but also its cost-effectiveness.
  • Each syringe is individually sterile packaged in plastic and/or paper.
  • The packaging is thoughtfully labeled with relevant details and warnings for user convenience.
  • Syringe is compatible with the Safety box for used syringes/needles 5lt/BOX-25, which ensures seamless and safe disposal post-usage.

Select the 2ml Syringe with Reuse Prevention Technology, 21G Needle - Box of 100 for your facility and unlock a safer, more efficient method of medication administration.

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