Advanced 10ml Syringe with Reuse-Prevention Technology for Accuracy and Safety

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10ml Syringe with Advanced RUP Feature for Secure & Accurate Medical Administration

With a 10ml capability and an explicit RUP feature, this syringe provides secure and precise fluid administration. This medical-grade product is compliant with ISO 7886-4:2006, making it an ideal choice for medical experts and direct users.

  • Designed with Reuse-Prevention (RUP) technology
  • Features 10ml volume capacity
  • Incorporates a clear, graduated scale for accurate measurements
  • Made of transparent, medical-grade plastic
  • Comes with a Luer lock or slip nozzle
  • Includes a stainless steel needle
  • Sterilized with ethylene oxide and individually wrapped
  • Single-use to ensure safety
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10ml Syringe with Advanced Reuse-Prevention (RUP) Technology

Revolutionizing the healthcare industry, our 10ml Syringe with Reuse-Prevention (RUP) Technology is specifically designed for secure, precise, and accurate fluid or vaccine administration. Equipped with cutting-edge RUP technology, this syringe is a paradigm of safety and hygiene, meeting the highest standards outlined by ISO 7886-4:2006. Every feature has been meticulously incorporated to eliminate the possibilities of reuse and cross-contamination, enhancing patient safety and care.


  • Compliance with international standards like ISO 7886-4:2006, ISO 13485:2003, and 2008
  • 10ml capacity ensuring optimal volume for various applications
  • Graduated scale in clear lettering for precise measurement
  • Designed with a see-through plastic barrel made of high-quality medical grade material
  • Dual nozzle varieties: Luer lock or slip nozzle
  • Needle dimension: 21Gx1 1/2u201d (0.8x40mm) made of sturdy stainless steel
  • Each unit is Ethylene oxide sterilized and individually blister-packed

Key Features

  • Reuse-Prevention (RUP) technology for single usage and minimization of cross-contamination
  • Accurate graduated scale for perfect fluid measurement
  • Easily visible fluid levels due to a transparent plastic barrel
  • Interchangeable nozzle options for compatibility with various medical devices
  • Sleek stainless steel needle for a seamless injection experience
  • Stringent sterilization with Ethylene oxide and individual packaging for maintaining hygiene and safety
  • 100% compliance with European Directive MDD 93/42/EEC for Medical Devices

Package Details

Packaged in boxes of 100, with each syringe individually blister-packed for sterility and safety.

Health and Safety

Our 10ml Syringe is a single-use, disposable device that promotes optimal prevention from disease transmission, courtesy of its superior RUP technology.

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