High-Quality 5ml Disposable Sterilized Syringe - Pack of 100

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High-Quality 5ml Disposable Sterilised Syringe – Bulk Pack of 100

A top-of-the-range 5ml disposable syringe, devised for diverse medical applications. Expertly crafted from medical-grade plastic, ensuring superior durability and patient safety.

  • Compliance: Adheres to ISO 7886-1:1993 standards, guaranteeing an easy-read Graduated Scale
  • Design: Features a Clear and Transparent Barrel for precise measurement, with a centrally located Luer Nozzle for user convenience
  • Sterility: Sterilized with ethylene oxide, enclosed individually for maintaining sterility
  • Packaging Detail: Fully compliant with regulatory norms; each box contains 100 syringes, appropriately labeled with significant details

Firmly complies with the European Directive on Medical Devices, reflecting our commitment to quality.

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High-Quality 5ml Disposable Sterilized Syringe u2013 Bulk Pack of 100: Prioritize Safety and Precision

Our High-Quality 5ml Disposable Sterilized Syringe u2013 Bulk Pack of 100 is designed for professionals seeking safety, efficiency, and accuracy in their medical and laboratory settings. These syringes promise consistency and top-notch quality adhering to the ISO standards, making them indispensable for a wide range of applications.

  • Outstanding Capacity: Each syringe can hold up to 5ml of fluid, offering precise measurements according to ISO 7886-1:1993 standards.
  • Uncompromised Transparency: The barrel, constructed from medical-grade plastic, provides excellent transparency for easy volume measurement and bubble detection.
  • Diverse Nozzle Options: Choose between the universal Luer lock or slip for secure attachment of needles, complying with ISO 594 norms.
  • Prime Quality Material: Each syringe is crafted from top-grade medical plastic such as PE, PP, or PS, ensuring prolonged durability.
  • Maximized Disposability: Designed for single-use, these syringes reduce cross-contamination and infection risks significantly.
  • Assured Sterilization: Sterilized with ethylene oxide as per the BS EN550:1994 and ISO 11135-1:2007, these syringes ensure top-tier safety.

Packed in sterilized individual peel packs and diligently labeled following ISO standards, every box contains 100 syringes ready for immediate use. The packaging includes comprehensive product information such as type, sterilization method, lot number, expiry date, use instructions, and storage instructions. Always ensure the integrity of the individual sterilization protection and verify the shelf life before using.

Remember: These syringes must be discarded after one use. They are not designed for reuse.

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