1ml Disposable Syringe - Sterile, Durable & Reliable for Medical & Lab Use

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1ml Disposable Syringe: This top-quality, sterile syringe is perfect for precise fluid manipulation in both medical and laboratory contexts. Key features include:

  • Accurate 1ml Capacity: Optimal for a vast range of applications necessitating precise volume measurements.
  • Secure and Reliable Design: Constructed with a transparent, graduated barrel and Luer lock nozzle, ensuring zero leakages.
  • Medically-approved Material: Crafted from durable, chemical-resistant medical-grade plastic (PE/PP/PS).
  • Sterilization Procedure: Each syringe, individually packed, is sterilized with ethylene oxide and holds primary product details.
  • Global Accreditation: Compliance with ISO 13485:2003 and 2008 standards; caters to the norms of the European Directive MDD 93/42/EEC.
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Our industry-leading 1ml Disposable Syringe is your ideal choice for safe, reliable, and precise fluid administration in various medical and laboratory settings. This syringe, designed with medical-grade plastic materials (PE/PP/PS), ensures durability, sterility, and safety in usage.

  • Transparent Barrel for Ultimate Precision: The transparent barrel features an easy-to-read graduated scale, making volume measurements and air bubble detection effortless. Consequently, it provides high precision in fluid administration essential for achieving optimal treatment outcomes.
  • Luer Lock Nozzle for Maximum Security: The Luer Lock Nozzle meets ISO standards, guarantees a secure, leak-free needle attachment, thereby boosting effectiveness and minimizing the risk of accidents amid usage.
  • Superior Build Quality for Dependable Durability: Rendered from medical-grade plastic material, our syringe delivers exceptional durability, ensuring its efficacy for prolonged use. It’s resistant to breakage, even under demanding operation conditions, thereby providing a practical solution for various fluid administration needs.
  • Ethylene Oxide Sterilization for Safety: Ethylene oxide sterilization process ensures each syringe is impeccably clean, reducing contamination risks and prioritizing patient safety.
  • Standard Compliance for Trust: Our Disposable Syringe abides by ISO 7886-1:1993, BS EN 550:1994, ISO11135-1:2007 standards. The manufacturer and product's adherence to ISO 13485:2003 and 2008 further fortifies our commitment to high quality.
  • European Directive Compliance: In line with the European Directive MDD 93/42/EEC on Medical Devices, our syringe meets stringent safety standards, reflecting our commitment to safeguard public health.

Each Disposable Syringe comes in an individually packed sterilized peel-pack, ensuring aseptic conditions from the point of production until use. Comprehensive usage instructions facilitate easy deployment, and the protective secondary carton housing 100 syringes guarantees product integrity when stored or transported. When paired with our Safety Box for used syringes and needles, it ensures a comprehensive solution for safe and efficient fluid administration processes.

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