Premium Quality Sterile Disposable Syringe, 10ml - Box of 100 | High Medical Standards

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Premium Quality Sterile Disposable Syringe, 10ml – Box of 100 | High Medical Standards

Experience high-quality fluid handling with our medical-grade Sterile Disposable Syringes. Perfectly crafted for precision, safety, and reliability.

  • Capacity: Designed with a 10ml capacity for accurate fluid dosage
  • Material: Made of top-quality, medical-grade plastic
  • Transparent Barrel: Provides flawless measurement and air bubble detection
  • Sterilization: Sterilized with ethylene oxide for assured safety
  • Packaging: Box of 100 with each syringe individually sealed in sterile peel-packs
  • Usage: Ideal for fluid injection or safe withdrawal but ensure to maintain sterilization integrity before use
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Experience Medical Precision with our 10ml Sterile Disposable Syringe - Box of 100

Setting industry-standard high, we present you our Premium Quality Sterile Disposable Syringe, 10ml. Packed in a box of 100, each syringe ensures impeccable safety, precision, and reliability for diverse healthcare applications.

Outstanding Product Specifications

  • Capacity: Offers a 10ml capacity, ideal for varied medical uses.
  • Material: Comprised of superior medical-grade transparent plastic, these syringes allow easy measurement and air bubble detection.
  • Nozzle: Comes with a Luer lock or slip nozzle, warrants a secure and leak-proof connection with needles or tubes, enhancing operational convenience.
  • Sterilization: Sterilized meticulously using Ethylene oxide, verifying ultimate safety.
  • Compliance: Adheres to ISO 7886-1:1993, BS EN 550:1994, and ISO11135-1:2007, shielding users with the highest quality assurance.
  • Packaging: Each syringe is individually packed in a sterilized peel-pack, maintaining optimum hygiene and ensuring user safety.
  • Quantity: Boxes contain 100 top-tier syringes, making it an excellent investment for medical professionals and personal use.

Supreme Quality in Each Use

Engineered for fulfilling various medical requirements, from injection to fluid withdrawal, these syringes emerge as an essential medical apparatus. Please ascertain the individual sterilization protection intactness before usage. Note that these are designed for single-use and should responsibly be disposed of post-use.

Introduce our supreme quality syringe to your healthcare practice for unparalleled safety, precision, and convenience.

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