High Safety, Precise & Compliant Syringe for BCG Vaccines - Auto-Disabled After Use

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The Syringe for BCG Vaccines with Auto-Disable Mechanism offers precise, safe, and compliant intradermal administration for a 0.05ml dosage. Key features include:

  • Fine-Tuned Needle: 27G x 3/8” (0.4x10mm) stainless-steel needle covered with a protective top.
  • Maximum Safety: Single-use, disposable, and sterilized using ethylene oxide preventing potential cross-contamination.
  • Durable Material: Constructed with medical-grade plastic ensuring sustained efficacy and longevity.
  • Global Standards: Meets ISO and European Medical Device Directives, ensuring quality and reliability.
  • World Health Organization Recognition: Acknowledged in PQS Category E008 for contributing to global immunization efforts.
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Safe, Precise & Compliant Syringe for BCG Vaccines

Designed for unparalleled safety and precision, our auto-disable syringe is specifically engineered to offer optimal protection when delivering BCG vaccines, adhering to top-tier healthcare quality and safety standards.

Key Features

  • Advanced Auto-Disable Mechanism: Our syringe is engineered with a state-of-the-art auto-disable feature that prevents any further usage post-injection, delivering comprehensive patient safety.
  • Quality of Construction: Made from top-notch polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), and polyethylene (PE), each syringe, inclusive of the attached needle, ensures utmost compliance with international medical standards. A safety cap is also provided to prevent accidental injuries.
  • Precision Dosing: Each syringe guarantees the delivery of a precise 0.05ml intradermal BCG vaccine dosage, strictly adhering to ISO and WHO benchmarks.
  • Sterilization & Packaging: Every syringe is sterilized using ethylene oxide, adhering to BS EN 550:1994 and ISO11135-1:2007. The packaging provides excellent protection during transit, ensuring each syringe remains undamaged and sterile until use.
  • Compliance: Each syringe meets the requirements of the European Directive MDD 93/42/EEC for medical devices, ensuring safety and efficacy during BCG vaccinations.

Providing complete transparency, our labels on packaging are comprehensive, displaying key information like 'For Single Use Only', auto-disable feature, lot number, expiry date, and a detailed description of the product contents. Each package also consists of clear instructions about the usage of the auto-disable feature for user convenience.

Each syringe is sterile, guaranteeing safe and instant vaccine administration, thus providing a highly effective solution for BCG vaccinations. This syringe offers a superior blend of security, precision, and compliance, fortifying it as an optimal choice for healthcare professionals worldwide.

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