Precision-Controlled Portable Syringe Pump for Accurate Fluid Administration

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Product: Accomplish medical precision with our Precision-Controlled Portable Syringe Pump. Ideal for a broad range of syringe brands, ensuring accurate IV fluid and drug delivery.

  • Control & Safety: Designed for user-friendly operations and real-time responses, with programmable settings and proactive safety alerts.
  • Quality Assurance: This pump aligns with strict quality standards, ISO 13485 certified and categorized as a Class IIb device under EU MDR 2017/745.
  • Additional Supplies: Includes English instruction manual, spare battery pack, mounting bracket, and replacement fuses. Syringes not included.
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Precision-Controlled Portable Syringe Pump: Precise Fluid Administration at Your Fingertips

Introducing the ultimate in fluid management - our Precision-Controlled Portable Syringe Pump. Specially engineered to deliver fluids with outstanding precision, it is an indispensable piece of equipment for healthcare professionals.

Precision Performance and Wide Compatibility

  • Unmatched precision with at least 3% volume delivery accuracy, ensuring exact fluid administration.
  • All-encompassing compatibility with all standard syringe brands and capacities, varying from 10mL to 50mL.
  • High-grade programmability helps adapt infusion volume, time, and flow rate precisely to meet different patient requirements.

Reliability and Safety Assured

  • Dependable pressure operation extending up to 17.4 PSI / 120 kPa for consistent delivery.
  • In-built occlusion detection and self-test features ensuring the highest level of safety for both patients and medical professionals.
  • Responsive audio-visual alerts provide real-time information on operational status and malfunction.
  • On board durable battery with up to 7 hours of longevity at a 5mL/hr flow rate.

Easy Installation and Versatile Mounting

  • Flexible mounting options allowing for easy installation on mobile poles, bed rails, or wall-mounted rails.

Quality Assurance

Our Syringe Pump prides its ISO 13485 certification and is classified as a Class IIb device under the EU MDR 2017/745, affirming its superior performance and reliability.

What's in the Box?

  • The package includes the pump unit, a user-friendly English instruction manual, a spare battery pack, mounting brackets, and spare fuses.
  • Syringes need to be purchased separately.
  • A two-year product warranty from the date of shipping is included for quality assurance.

In essence, our Professional Precision-Controlled Portable Syringe Pump holds the key to fostering holistic, patient-centered care in your medical practice. Order now to elevate your care standards.

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