Premium 1ml Syringe for Microbial Testing | Precision and Safety Combined

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Up the ante in your lab with the Premium 1ml Syringe for Advanced Microbiological Membrane Dosing, perfect for precise MICS testing with E.Coli. Key features:

  • High-Precision Dosing: Aids in achieving reliable outcomes.
  • Luer Slip Tip: For needle-free, safer test administration.
  • Sterility & Individual Packaging: For maintaining product integrity and dependability.
  • Economic Bulk Packaging: Comes in a budget-friendly set of 120, suitable for large-scale tests.
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Premium 1ml Syringe for Microbial Testing: The Pinnacle of Precision and Safety

The Premium 1ml Syringe for Microbiological Membrane Dosing is an industry-leading tool designed to redefine accuracy and safety in microbial testing. This state-of-the-art piece of equipment adds an unmatched level of precision and hygiene to your lab procedures, enhancing the effectiveness and authenticity of your results.

Accuracy and Flexibility Combined

  • A critical instrument for preparing microbiological test plates, the Premium 1ml Syringe ensures consistent and reliable results, making it an essential tool for modern labs.
  • The syringe's advanced dosing capabilities improve the accuracy of microbial assessments, setting a new standard for valid evaluations.
  • Its versatility extends its use beyond mere microbial assessments, being effective for essential water tests like MICS.

Hygiene and Safety in One Package

  • Each 1ml syringe is individually packaged and sterilized, thus offering superior lab safety and hygiene.
  • The sterilization process efficiently prevents contamination, enhancing the validity of your test outcomes.
  • With a set containing 120 units, productivity in your lab can enjoy a substantial boost.

Easy-to-Use Design with Broad Compatibility

  • The Luer slip-tip design of the syringe enables easy handling and simple operations.
  • Precise dosing capabilities refine testing processes and yield superior results.
  • Its flexibility to handle various microbiological testing methodologies, including MICS, makes it an invaluable addition to any lab setup.

Adopting the Premium 1ml Syringe for Microbiological Membrane Dosing will greatly amplify the accuracy, reliability, and integrity of your tests. Improve your microbiological testing with this cutting-edge tool.

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