Premium Cyan Blue UNICEF Logo Sweatshirt - Large Size Poly/Cotton Blend - Perfect Fusion of Comfort, Style & Durability

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Boost your PR visibility with the Premium Cyan Blue Sweatshirt displaying the UNICEF logo. This Large sweatshirt, optimally suited for field operations and emergencies, exudes comfort, style,and durability.

  • Material: A high-quality blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton for enduring wear and comfort.
  • Design: Exquisite cyan blue color with a white UNICEF logo printed on both sides.
  • Construction: Built with twin needle hems and a hidden neck seam for clean aesthetics.
  • Packaging: Each sweatshirt is individually packed in a protective plastic bag for convenience in storage.
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The Premium Cyan Blue UNICEF Logo Sweatshirt - Large Size Poly/Cotton Blend is a perfect fusion of comfort, style, and durability. Crafted from a premium blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, this large-size sweatshirt delivers optimum warmth and breathability. It showcases an elegant design with striking white UNICEF logo and emblem contrasted against a vibrant cyan blue base, making it a captivating attire for diverse scenarios. Whether you're aiming to project a visible public image or simply looking to spruce up your casual wardrobe, this sweatshirt makes for an ideal pick.

  • Quality Material: The sweatshirt is made of a robust blend of polyester (65%) and cotton (35%). This superior blend ensures durability without compromising on comfort. Its high breathability factor and soft fabric texture enhance the overall wearability.
  • Pleasing Aesthetics: This sweatshirt features a clean and polished look facilitated by twin needle hems and a seamlessly hidden neck seam. Further enriched by a bold logo and emblem of UNICEF, it has a visually striking white-on-cyan contrast that stands out.
  • Sizing and Fit: Our premium sweatshirt honours your need for comfort with its relaxed fit. It measures approximately 740mm in length and 540mm across the chest, delivering ample space for effortless movement.
  • Packaging: Each sweatshirt is individually encased in a protective plastic bag, ensuring its pristine condition during transit and storage. The sweatshirt weighs around 0.440 KG and measures 3,220 CDM in volume.
  • Versatility: This sweatshirt is versatile enough for various uses, from field work to promotional events and enhancing public relations visibility. Each unit comes with clear washing instructions featured on the label, ensuring longevity.
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