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Sterile Cotton-Tip Swabs in Tubes – Box of 100: These sterile swabs are individually packed in LDPE tubes for maximum sterility. Created for laboratories and medical facilities, they are designed for efficient, gentle sample collection.

  • Soft cotton-tip: Designed to be gentle on the skin while collecting samples efficiently.
  • Individual packaging: Each swab is individually packed in a LDPE tube, maintaining sterility and preventing contamination.
  • Durable Plastic handle: The swab features a sturdy plastic handle for precise balance and control. With a length of approximately 12cm, it offers reach for various uses.

Please observe all appropriate usage protocols. This product has a shelf life of 36 months.

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Sterile Cotton-Tip Swabs in Tubes - Box of 100 | Essential Laboratory Accessory

Designed with precision and safety in mind, our Sterile Cotton-Tip Swabs in Tubes, Box of 100, are an essential, versatile product for any laboratory. These swabs, protected by Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) tubes, maintain strict standards of sterility and hygiene. A perfect choice for varied laboratory uses, these swabs combine superior quality and excellent value.

Product Highlights

  • Sterile: Each swab is encased individually in a sterile LDPE tube, assuring utmost sterility and safety for a diverse array of laboratory applications.
  • Material: Tubes made from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) uphold top grade sterilization norms of the product.
  • Durability: The robust design of the swabs with plastic handle sticks ensure extended usage.
  • Size: These approximately 12cm long swabs are user-friendly and enable precise applications.
  • Quantity: The box comprises 100 swabs, offering a lasting supply.

Extensive Applications

Our swabs fulfill wide-ranging needs, from hospital labs to research centers, embodying their versatility and worth.

Shelf Life

With a extensive shelf life of 36 months from manufacture, the product promises fresh and usable swabs every single time.

Package Size and Weight

Estimated to weigh around 1.5kg with a volume of 0.003m3, these swabs are designed for optimum portability and storage.

Packaging and Labelling

The primary pack contains 100 Cotton-Tip, Sterile Tubes, each swab individually packed for maximum hygiene and preservation.

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