Box of 36 Non-Absorbable Synthetic Monofilament Sutures with Curved Needle

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The Non-absorbable Synthetic Monofilament Suture with Curved Needle is a versatile and efficient product for medical professionals. Each box offers a set of 36 sutures, designed for less traumatic suturing of tissues.

  • Type: Non-absorbable, nylon synthetic monofilament thread
  • Length: Thread measures approximately 75cm
  • Needle: Curved, 1/2 circle design, with a 30mm round point
  • Sterilization: Predominantly sterilized with Ethylene Oxide gas
  • Application: Single-use product, ensuring aseptic practices

Avoid extreme temperature and high humidity, and ensure the integrity of each unit before usage. These sutures provide cost-effective dependability and precision for patient care.

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Non-absorbable Synthetic Monofilament Suture with Curved Needle - Box of 36

Our box of 36 Non-absorbable Synthetic Monofilament Sutures with a curved needle offers healthcare professionals top-quality suturing material. Each suture's inherent strength and robustness ensure a secure closure for wound healing while ensuring that the material does not get absorbed by the body.

Detailed Product Features:

  • Superior Quality: These sutures, made of rugged synthetic material like Nylon and Polyamide, exhibit tremendous endurance and provide reliable wound support for extended periods.
  • Sterile and Safe: Each suture is sterilized using Ethylene oxide gas, and is individually packed to eliminate the risk of infections or disease transmission due to reuse.
  • Ample Length: These sutures offer a 75 cm long thread, enough for multiple stitch applications thus ensuring a secure wound closure.
  • Special Design: The 30mm Round Point, 1/2 Circle Curved Needle is designed for smooth insertion, reducing potential tissue trauma during suturing.

Package Specifications:

  • Each box contains 36 individually packed sutures for easy distribution and utilization. The primary packaging ensures product sterilization, while the secondary box helps protect, store, and transport the sutures securely.

Usage Tips:

These sutures are designed for less traumatic suturing of tissues. Always practice aseptic techniques and handle the needles with precautions to prevent accidental injuries.

Storage Guide:

Preserve suture quality by storing them in a cool and dry location. Extreme temperatures and high humidity can adversely affect the product. Always inspect the integrity of the product packaging before use.

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