High-quality Non-Absorbable Synthetic Suture - DEC2, 3/8 Circle, 18mm, Triangular Point - Box of 36

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Product Name: Non-Absorbable Synthetic Suture – DEC2, 3/8 Circle, 18mm, Triangular Point. This high-quality suture is constructed from durable Nylon, resulting in a non-absorbable, synthetic monofilament.

  • Package Details: Each box contains 36 single-use sutures, each sterile for utmost safety.
  • Specifications: Suture features a triangular point for simplified skin puncture, attached to an 18mm curved needle.
  • Storage Instructions: For maintained quality, keep in moderately temperate spaces void of excessive humidity.
  • Usage Safeguard: Suturing necessitates stringent aseptic techniques. Usage of surgical gloves, tissue standard forceps, and a needle holder is advised. Post-use, sutures must be discarded in controlled environments.
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High-Quality Non-Absorbable Synthetic Suture - DEC2, 3/8 Circle, 18mm, Triangular Point - Box of 36

Trust your surgical procedures to our high-quality non-absorbable synthetic suture. Specially designed for durability and reliability, this surgical suture is made with superior monofilament nylon thread that minimizes tissue reaction, providing long-term wound support.

Exclusive Product Features:

  • Constructed of high-grade monofilament that significantly reduces tissue reaction.
  • Thread gauge of DEC2 (3/0) offers the perfect balance between strength and flexibility.
  • Comes with a 3/8 circle curved needle designed for precise, efficient suturing.
  • Triangular point needle ensures smooth tissue penetration, minimising tissue damages.
  • Thread length is approximately 75 cm, giving ample length for diverse applications.
  • 18mm needle, designed for a wide range of surgical procedures.
  • Convenient sterilization guaranteed through individual, single-use packaging sterilized by ethylene oxide gas.
  • Designed for easy handling with units of primary use and secondary box packaging.
  • Compact, convenient storage with a weight of 0.010 kg and volume of 0.030 cdm.

Usage Guidelines and Safety Measures:

Maintaining appropriate safety protocols is a must when using our product. The use of surgical gloves, a needle holder, and tissue forceps is strongly recommended during suturing. Disposal of the sutures should be carried out in a sealed container and incinerated in a controlled setting, following necessary safety standards. Always follow aseptic techniques to ensure the safety of all involved.

Storage Procedures:

To ensure optimal usage and longevity of the Non-Absorbable Synthetic Suture, storage at extreme temperatures and humidity must be avoided. Each suture is designed for single-use and is available in sterile packages that should be kept intact until use. Make the smart choice for your surgical procedures with our non-absorbable synthetic sutures – outstanding quality, precision, and reliability with every stitch!

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