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Buy High-Quality Non-Absorbable Sutures Online – Box of 36 | Medical Supplies

  • Product Type: Non-absorbable DEC1 Suture, ideal for minimising inflammation risk
  • Design: 1/2 circle curved needle meant to reduce tissue trauma
  • Size: 75 cm long thread, providing ample material for various procedures
  • Quantity: Each box comes with 36 individually sealed sutures ensuring sterility and convenience
  • Usage: Single-use, sterile, disposable and essential in any medical toolkit

Premium non-absorbable sutures designed for secure wound closure. The synthetic monofilament material minimises inflammation risk. The curved needle, made to reduce tissue trauma, makes suturing a streamlined process. The box includes 36 individually packaged, sterile, and disposable sutures, making it a crucial component for any medical procedure. Always remember to dispose of it correctly post-procedure to reduce infection risk.

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Buy High-Quality Non-Absorbable Sutures Online - Box of 36 | Medical Supplies

Extend your trust in our non-absorbable sutures, carefully crafted from high-grade synthetic monofilament. Our sutures are designed for safe and effective use in multiple medical procedures. The Nylon or Polyamide thread minimizes the risk of inflammation and rejection, ensuring seamless application.

Exceptional Product Features

  • Made with high-grade, non-absorbable synthetic monofilament (Nylon/Polyamide)
  • Furnishes a DEC1 (5/0) gauge
  • 1/2 circle, curved needle with round point
  • Minimal risk of inflammation and rejection

Remarkable Design for Convenience

Engineered with a 1/2 circle curved needle and a round point, our sutures prioritise patient comfort by causing less tissue trauma during procedures. The impressive 75cm length makes our sutures versatile across various surgical procedures.

Uncompromising Sterilization

Our sutures are meticulously packaged into sanitized, sterile peel packs for safe and convenient use. They are single-use, disposable and incinerated after usage to minimize risks of contamination.

Eco-friendly Disposal

Sharing your concern for mother earth, we have kept our sutures lightweight (0.010kg) and the volume minimal (0.030cdm). They are designed considering stringent aseptic techniques and can be easily disposed of in a sealed container for incineration.

Packaging Intricacies

We offer a box of 36 sterile and disposable sutures, each individually packed in a sterilized peel pack to ensure high product quality and full protection. These sutures are available for all your medical requirements.

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