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Maximize surgical precision with our Absorbable Surgical Sutures with Curved Needles, expertly crafted from leading-quality Polyglycolic Acid (PGA). These synthetic braided sutures secure efficient, high-end patient outcomes.

  • Needle: 3/8 circle, 50mm length, rounded point ensures exact use.
  • Package: Sealed individually for stringent sterility.
  • Duration: Absorbs within approximately 21 days, fosters excellent tissue healing.
  • Storage: Preserve quality by storage in cool, dry conditions.
  • Safety: Single-use with obligatory aseptic techniques for safe suturing.

The trustworthiness of our absorbable sutures underlines the superior quality and endurance for improved patient outcomes.

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Experience Uninterrupted Surgical Procedures with Absorbable PGA Surgical Sutures

Ensure precision and efficiency in your surgical procedures with our top-quality absorbable sutures. Our absorbable sutures are crafted using Polyglycolic Acid (PGA), a synthetic braided thread that is highly robust and reliable.

Indispensable Surgical Tool

The sutures are threaded with a curvilinear needle ideally suited for a wide range of surgical procedures. The PGA is renowned for its superior handling characteristics, granting flexibility and minimal memory. The braided design of the sutures enables secure knot tying and easy handling. The sutures are further coated to reduce tissue drag and enhance knot run down.

Absorbable and Safe

Unique to this suture is its absorbable quality; the body fully absorbs it within approximately 21 days post-procedure, ensuring minimal tissue reaction. This feature negates the need for suture removal, promoting the healing process and patient comfort.

Precision-engineered Needle

The sutures come attached with a 3/8 circle, 50mm length curved needle having a round point. This needle design inflicts minimal tissue trauma and ensures easier penetration during procedures, contributing to overall procedural efficiency.

Hygienic and Sterile

Each suture is individually sterilized using Ethylene oxide gas, ensuring absolute cleanliness. Designed for single-use, our sutures reduce the risk of contamination, thereby reinforcing the hygiene aspect of surgical procedures. They are packed in a sterilization peel pack after undergoing a rigorous sterilization process.

Storage and Packaging

Remember to store the sutures in a cool, dry area, away from extreme temperatures and high humidity levels to maintain their high quality. You will receive a box containing 36 individually wrapped, expertly crafted sutures that meet your surgical needs.

Embrace the high-level efficiency, precision, and safety provided by our absorbable PGA sutures, embellishing the outcomes of your surgical procedures. Order your box today!

  • Constructed with Absorbable synthetic braided thread; Polyglycolic Acid (PGA)
  • Incorporates reliable thread length of 75cm with a gauge of DEC4 (1)
  • Features a 3/8 circle curved needle, 50mm length with round point
  • Products are sterilized individually using Ethylene oxide gas
  • Created for single-use
  • Nicely packed box containing 36 sterilized sutures
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