Absorbable Synthetic Suture with Curved Needle - Medical Innovation for Efficient Wound Closure

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High-Efficiency Absorbable Synthetic Suture with Curved Needle

Introducing the Premium Absorbable Synthetic Suture with Curved Needle, an essential tool for proficient wound closure. Constructed to provide superior surgical performance, it’s a necessary asset for all healthcare practitioners.

  • Synthetic thread: Crafted from PGA polyglycolic acid for durability
  • Thread specifications: Measures 75cm in length, with a gauge of DEC2 (3/0)
  • Curved needle: 3/8 circle needle measures approximately 18mm
  • Packaging: Comes in individual sterilized peel packs, boxed in set of 36
  • Use instructions: Slow-absorption, single-use sutures that are absorbed after around 21 days
  • Safety measures: Apply aseptic techniques, surgical gloves and standard tissue forceps during use
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Introducing our superior Absorbable Synthetic Suture with Curved Needle - a transformative advancement in the medical field, designed for excellent efficiency in wound closure. This top-notch medical supply equips healthcare professionals with an unbeatable tool for enhanced patient care.

The resounding reliability and outstanding durability of this product can be attributed to its artful construction from synthetic braided thread, specifically polyglycolic acid (PGA). In everyday use, this strength translates into sustained reliability, ensuring seamless workflow for medical practitioners.

Product Characteristics:

  • Material Exquisiteness: Forged with synthetic braided thread (PGA), providing superior durability and supreme reliability.
  • Thread Prowess: Boasting a length of 75cm and a DEC2 (3/0) gauge, our suture exhibits versatile applicability.
  • Needle Precision: Includes a finely articulated, approx. 18mm curved needle, ensuring precise puncture and optimal suture placement.
  • Sterilization Assurance: Benefiting from ethylene oxide gas sterilization - a process that bolsters safety by effectively eliminating harmful pathogens.
  • Absorption Process: Synthetic slow absorption sutures that are completely assimilated by the body in about 21 days.

Package Inclusions:

  • Each order is meticulously boxed, containing 36 sterile, independently sealed sutures ready for immediate utilization.

Safety and Usage Guidelines:

  • Gently rounded sutures designed to minimize tissue trauma during application.
  • Adherence to rigorous aseptic techniques is strongly advised for safe usage.
  • Used sutures should be disposed of securely in a sealed container and incinerated appropriately to prevent potential cross-contamination and infection.

Storage and Maintenance:

  • It is paramount to store this product far from drastic temperature fluctuations and high humidity conditions to maintain its structural integrity and performance longevity.

Embrace our Absorbable Synthetic Suture with Curved Needle and revolutionize your approach to patient care. Experience the future of wound closure technology with this exceptional and reliable medical accessory.

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