Surgical N95 Respirator

Manufacturer: Advanced Concept Innovations

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Model No: TC-84A-9318
Domestically Produced: Lakeland, Florida
Features: • Approved and Cleared for Use in Healthcare settings by FDA/NIOSH, unlike others that may have received a temporary Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) • ASTM F1862 Level 3 Fluid Resistance – Highest Level of Protection (160 mm Hg) • Flammability Class 1 • Flat pouched design that provides a cooler breathing chamber • Non-abrasive comfort layer for moisture management • Provides protection against particulates at the N95 filter efficiency level • Conforms to recognized standards for Flammability, Fluid Resistance, and Biocompatibility • Strong straps ultrasonically bonded, not stapled to the mask • Exceptional Breathability, Fit, Comfort, and Quality • One of the Largest Domestic Manufacturers of N95s