Surgical Dressing Set- Essential Instruments for All Sterile Dressings

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Surgical Dressing Set: Essential Instruments for Sterile Dressing Needs

  • Comprehensive Tools: This kit contains Kocher Artery Forceps (140mm, straight), Standard Dressing Forceps (155mm, straight), and Deaver Scissors (140mm, sharp/blunt) to assist in efficient dressing procedures.
  • Sterile and Safe: All tools in the pack undergo rigorous sterilization processes to ensure hygienic usage, crucial to minimize infection risk.
  • Part of IEHK2006 Kits: An integral component of the Basic Unit Kit and Supplementary 2-Equipment Kit of the IEHK2006 series, enabling comprehensive surgical procedures.
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Surgical Dressing Set: Essential Instruments for Sterile Dressing Needs

The Surgical Dressing Set stands as an indispensable collection of key surgical tools, meticulously crafted to satisfy all necessities of a sterile dressing process. Each instrument included in the set has been carefully selected to offer expertise and quality required in hospitals, clinics, or any other healthcare facility with medical dressing needs.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Set: The set compiles a Kocher Artery Forceps, Standard Dressing Forceps, and Deaver Scissors. These instruments play pivotal roles in wound dressing, minor surgical procedures, and post-operative care, positioning the set as a one-stop solution for all dressing needs.
  • Safety and Sterility: Ensured through rigorous sterilization processes, every tool in the set epitomizes safety and hygiene. This sterilization reduces infection risks and promotes quicker wound recovery.
  • High Quality: Each tool is crafted from top-class materials, promising durability and reliability. These instruments are built to handle frequent sterilizations without any performance detriment, making this set a long-lasting solution for healthcare facilities.

Set Details:

  • 1 x Kocher Artery Forceps, 140mm, straight tip. It's an essential tool for blood vessel clamping during surgeries.
  • 1 x Standard Dressing Forceps, 155mm, straight tip. Primarily used in effective wound dressing and ensuring secure placement of dressings.
  • 1 x Deaver Scissors, 140mm, straight tip, sharp/blunt contrast. It lends precision in cutting dressing or sutures, making it a versatile tool in post-operative wound management.

Recognized as a staple in the IEHK2006 Basic Unit Kit and the IEHK2006 Supplementary 2-Equipment Kit, the Surgical Dressing Set assures proficient wound management and cultivates an environment for safer and quicker recovery.

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