High-Quality Surgical Instrument Delivery Set for Obstetrical Operations

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The High-Quality Surgical Instrument Delivery Set is an unparalleled selection of medical tools vital for facilitating obstetrical operations. Key features include:

  • Comprehensive Kit: Includes essential tools such as forceps, scissors, and clamps, ideal for diverse obstetrical procedures.
  • Superior Build: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and sterile use.
  • Efficacious Performance: Facilitates accurate and dependable utility, promoting a clean and safe delivery process.
  • Practical Versatility: Applicable to regular and emergency deliveries, and can complement broader kits.

This set is an advantageous solution for all health facilities, offering a dependable, practical choice for obstetric needs.

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Optimize Obstetrical Operations with the High-Quality Surgical Instrument Delivery Set

Crafted to serve the critical requirements of obstetrical operations, this Surgical Instrument Delivery Set is a comprehensive compilation of imperative surgical tools, a must-have for every healthcare facility. The set includes several specialized instruments, with each fulfilling diverse surgical needs, supporting you at various stages of delivery.

The Set Broadly Includes:

  • Curved Mayo Scissors: A crucial instrument, these scissors are 140mm long with curvature, providing surgical control and precision.
  • Gynecological Scissors: 200mm long with a curve, these scissors give a range of flexibility in surgical procedures.
  • Kocher Artery Forceps: This set comprises two straight Kocher artery forceps of 140mm, fulfilling the requirements for effective clamping.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Suite of Instruments: With instruments like Episiotomy scissors and umbilical cord cutting scissors included, it is a comprehensive kit for post-partum procedures and emergencies.
  • Ready for Emergency: Ensuring readiness for all situations, this kit pays special attention to emergency procedures.
  • Top-notch Quality: The instruments are manufactured to high quality standards to prevent infections and ensure durability.

Value Addition for Healthcare Facilities:

This set is an integral part of the 'Midwifery Equipment Kit' and the 'IEHK2006 Supplementary Equipment Kit', making it a valuable addition to both clinics and large healthcare facilities.

Upgrade your healthcare facility with this Surgical Instrument Delivery Set and be well-prepared for obstetrical procedures and emergencies.

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