SUNDI-935WN High & Low Temperature Liquid Circulator – Precision Temperature Control Solution

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Upgrade your laboratory, research facility, or industrial setting with the SUNDI-935WN High & Low Temperature Liquid Circulator, offering advanced temperature regulation across a broad range.

  • Remarkable temperature precision – Harnesses high-grade compressors, heaters, and a sophisticated PID algorithm for flawless temperature control.
  • Extensive temperature capacity – Handles temperatures between -95u00b0C and 35u00b0C for versatile applications.
  • Convenient operation and monitoring – Graphic digital display for live temperature tracking and uncomplicated control settings.
  • Heightened safety mechanisms – Comes with protection features against over-temperature and over-pressure scenarios.
  • Longevity assured – Crafted with anti-corrosion elements for long-lasting durability.
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SUNDI-935WN High & Low Temperature Liquid Circulator: Precision and Wide-Range Temperature Management Solution

The SUNDI-935WN High & Low Temperature Liquid Circulator is the ultimate tool, designed to offer unmatched precision and extensive range in temperature regulation. This high-end liquid circulator is an amalgamation of superior technology and performance-driven design, ensuring stability, reliability, and exceptional temperature management.

  • Superior Compressors and Heaters: Embedded with high-efficiency compressors and robust heaters, this device guarantees stable temperature control leading to steadier performance.
  • Smart PID Algorithm: It incorporates an intelligent PID algorithm that allows precise temperature alterations, ensuring excellent control and setting accuracy.
  • Expansive Temperature Range: It caters to diverse temperature requirements with a broad range of -95u00b0C to 35u00b0C, thereby promising unparalleled versatility in the field.
  • User-Friendly Digital Display: An easy-to-use digital display ensures effortless monitoring and control, thus enhancing convenience and simplifying operations.
  • Advanced Safety Measures: Equipped with over-temperature and over-pressure protection, it assures safety while maintaining the longevity of the device.
  • Durable and Resilient Construction: Built with corrosion-resistant materials, it ensures prolonged durability and efficient performance.
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