SUNDI-225W-2T Constant Temperature Oil Bath System | Precision Temperature Control | Laboratory Equipment

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Discover precision in temperature regulation with the SUNDI-225W-2T Constant Temperature Oil Bath System. Key features include:

  • High Precision TCU : Maintains constant temperatures with accuracy
  • Efficient Oil Bath System : Ensures even temperature distribution
  • PID Temperature Controller : Offers precise and stable control over temperature ranges
  • Durable Stainless Steel : Grants robustness and longevity
  • Over-Temperature Protection : Adds an additional layer of safety during operations

Ideal for laboratories, research facilities, and industrial applications that demand precise temperature control. No known chemical formula or CAS number.

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SUNDI-225W-2T Constant Temperature Oil Bath System: Experience Precision and Efficiency in Temperature Regulation

A sophisticated high-precision product designed to regulate and maintain temperature in a diverse array of sectors, the SUNDI-225W-2T Constant Temperature Oil Bath System stands out in both laboratory and industrial applications. Its perfect blend of superior design, impeccable temperature control, and stability promise accurate and repeatable results, setting the standard for unparalleled performance.

Key Features:

  • Unrivaled TCU (Temperature Control Unit) that delivers uniform and accurate temperature control.
  • Highly efficient oil bath system ensuring superior thermal transfer.
  • A PID temperature controller that offers optimal temperature regulation.
  • Convenient digital display for effortless real-time monitoring.
  • Extensive temperature range stretching from -25 °C to 200 °C.
  • Durable stainless steel framework guarantees extended service life.
  • Over-temperature protection mechanism provides additional safety measures.
  • A compact yet ergonomic design for space-efficient placement.


  • Resilient stainless steel bath tank
  • Dependable heating element
  • High-precision temperature sensor
  • Effective oil circulation pump
  • Accurate PID temperature controller
  • Digital display for easy tracking
  • Over-temperature protection system for safety assurance

Use SUNDI-225W-2T TCU Constant Temperature Oil Bath System for all your temperature regulation needs in laboratories, research facilities and industries. This instrument, with its superior features and consistent performance, is the preferred choice for professionals looking for precision and efficiency.

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