Master Mathematics with Premium Student's Geometry Set/BOX-20

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Premium Student’s Geometry Set/BOX-20: Master Precision Tools for Mathematics

An indispensably robust set for novice and advanced mathematical enthusiasts, empowering successful geometry mastery. Collection comprises:

  • Ruler: Superior 16cm plastic, guarantees exact measurements.
  • Protractor: Robust 10cm plastic, offers precise angle measurements.
  • Set Squares: Twin plastic set squares, providing vital angle dimensions (45-45-90 and 30-60-90).
  • Compass: Dependable metal compass, approximated length of 13cm. Accompanies a black lead HB grade pencil.
  • Storage Wallet: Durable plastic wallet, ensures protected storage and easy transport.

Entire set weight is roughly 1.417kg and total volume is about 6.017cm3.

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Unveil Mathematical Proficiency with Premium Student's Geometry Set/BOX-20

Designed to boost mathematical prowess and simplify geometric tasks, The 'Premium Student's Geometry Set/BOX-20' is a perfect must-have tool for all students. The geometric stationery essentials are intricately curated in this comprehensive set, primed for precision and durability.

Key Premium Set Features

  • Ruler: Crafted from durable, transparent plastic, the ruler, 16cm in length, ensures impeccable measurements.
  • Protractor: The plastic, clear base protractor assures optimum visibility and accurately measures those elusive angles.
  • Set Squares: Comprises of a 45-45-90 degrees and a 30-60-90 degrees set squares, each fashioned from robust, clear plastic for easy visibility.
  • Compass: From perfect circles to seamless arcs, the metal-based compass, inclusive of an attached pencil and a span of around 13cm, pledges precision.
  • Pencil: Smoothly tread through your mathematical journey with an HB grade pencil encased in comfortable wood with a firm grip.

Systematic Packaging

The geometry set is efficiently organized in a sturdy, tear-resistant plastic wallet with a secure closure system culminated for easy transportation and storage.

Product Specifications

  • Box Weight: Approximately 1.417kg, ensuring easy portability.
  • Volume: Approximately 6.017cdm for a snug fit within your study bag.

Secure Shipment

Your meticulously crafted geometry set is wrapped securely within a plastic wallet, promising delivery in perfect condition.

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