Foetal Pinard Stethoscope: Accurate Prenatal Monitoring Tool

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The Stethoscope, Foetal, Pinard is an invaluable resource for accurate prenatal monitoring. Designed for clear and singular sound transmission, this diagnostic tool plays a key role in fetal heart auscultation. Constructed from high-grade plastic or aluminium, it offers superior durability and longevity. With multilingual instructions and a list of accessories and spare parts for maintenance, it promotes ease-of-use and upkeep. Exceedingly compound and chemical-free, this does not require any specific chemical formula, CAS number. Observe packaging indications for optimal handling and storage.

  • Diagnostic utility: Enables precise fetal heart monitoring
  • Construction: Hard-wearing plastic or aluminium
  • Usability: Detailed multilingual instructions
  • Maintenance: Accompanied by a list of accessories and spare parts
  • Chemical-free: No specific chemical formula or CAS number involved
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Stethoscope, Foetal, Pinard: Your Reliable Companion for Precise Prenatal Monitoring

Ensure high-quality prenatal care with our reliable and innovative Foetal Pinard Stethoscope. Designed with precision and care, this tool is dedicated to providing accurate readings for heart sounds emanating from the womb. It's optimized for efficiency, promising reliable results in diagnosing and monitoring the health of pregnant women.

  • Features an innovative monoaural design ensuring optimal sound transmission.
  • Dual-ended design with a 50-60 mm bell at one end for precise heart sound detection. Conversely, a flat end with a diameter of minimum 45-60 mm provides further auscultation options.
  • Constructed with unbreakable plastic or aluminum, guaranteeing excellent durability and lifespan.
  • Length varies from 140 - 200 mm, catering to individual user preferences.
  • Includes clear, multi-lingual instructions in English, French, and Spanish.
  • Comes with a comprehensive list of accessories and spare parts for easy maintenance.
  • Supplied with a package that contains one Foetal Pinard stethoscope, manufacturer’s instruction for use, spare parts, and accessories. Labeling on primary packaging provides critical information about manufacturer, product reference, type of product, and distinctive characteristics.
  • Transparent packaging features a diagram showing the essential parts of the product and how it is positioned.
  • Special storage or handling conditions and the lot number are also provided on the packaging, if applicable.
  • Compatible with S9902218 - Midwifery kit, 2-equipment or S9906626 - IEHK2006, kit, suppl. 2-equipment.

Weighing only 0.060kg and having a volume of 0.0007 m3, this stethoscope is not only efficient but also portable. It's designed to act as your trusted aide, providing top-notch prenatal care.

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