High-Capacity 39L Steam Sterilizer for Effective Medical Sterilization

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High-Capacity 39L Steam Sterilizer for Efficient Medical Sterilization

  • Specialized steam sterilizer designed for sterilizing surgical tools and dressings.
  • High-capacity at 39L, ensuring efficient large-scale sterilization.
  • Domestically constructed of durable cast aluminum.
  • Features high-pressure metal sealing to ensure faultless sterilization under high temperatures.
  • Maximum temperature and pressure reach 259u00b0F/126u00b0C and 21 PSI/1.5 bars respectively.
  • Equipped with a multitude of controllers and gauges such as control valves, a pressure relief valve, and a steam gauge.
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High-Efficiency Medical Sterilizer with a 39L Capacity: Superior Sterilization for Medical Materials

Ensure complete sterilization of your medical tools and materials with our top-tier 39L Steam Sterilizer. This high-capacity unit is expertly designed to achieve efficient sterilization, combining exceptional performance, safety, and durability.

Impressive Durability and High-grade Safety:

  • Made from formidable cast aluminum ensuring lasting durability.
  • Deploys a high-pressure metal vessel to reach superior sterilization with superheated steam.
  • Provides enhanced safety with metal-to-metal seal eliminating rubber gaskets.
  • Features safety clamping locks with a sturdy bayonet clamp and six bakelite wing nuts.

Advanced Technical Specifications:

  • Operates at a maximum pressure and temperature of 21 PSI/1.5 bar and 259°F/126°C respectively.
  • Offers a spacious chamber dimension of 366-404mm in diameter and 333-367mm in height.
  • Incorporates a seamless inset container, precision-engineered aluminium alloy.
  • Delivers an impressive sterilization capacity of approximately 37-41 litres.

High-Quality Extra Features:

  • A detachable cover furnished with a bakelite handle, dial type geared steam gauge, control valve, flexible metal exhaust tube, excess pressure relief valve, and over-pressure rubber plug.
  • The interior consists of a plain basket with handles, inner container rack, and water level marking for optimal usage experience.

Inclusive Package:

  • One spare over pressure rubber plug No. 1010.
  • Instruction manual in English, French, and Spanish for effective operation and upkeep.
  • Includes comprehensive information on parts, accessories, and spare parts.

Secure Packaging and Labelling:

  • Sterilizer is carefully wrapped in plastic film along with manufacturer's instructions, spare parts and accessories and safeguarded by adequate over-packaging in a sturdy box.
  • Product labeling includes crucial information such as manufacturer’s name, product details, lot number (where applicable) and handling/storage instructions.

Dimensions and Weights:

  • Estimated weight and volume are 21kg and 141cm³ for streamlined shipping and handling.
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