Efficient and Reliable 28L Sterilizer Steam Autoclave - Your Sterilization Solution

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Introducing the robust and reliable Sterilizer Steam Autoclave – 28L, your go-to solution for efficient sterilization. This stand-alone table-top sterilizer offers:

  • Fully Automated Process Control: Equipped with a program control unit for seamless operations.
  • High-End Sterilization: Capable of reaching temperatures up to 134°C, for sterilizing a range of items and liquids.
  • Quality Construction: Consists of a self-sealing silicone gasket door and a stainless-steel chamber for durability.
  • Notable Features: Offers a 28L internal chamber volume, recooling system, and liquid temperature-control unit.
  • Safety Measures: Incorporates protections against overpressure and over-temperature, and a 30-min UPS for uninterrupted power supply.

Eliminate risk and ensure safety with this reliable sterilizer.

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Sterilizer Steam Autoclave 28L - Efficient and Reliable Sterilization Solution

Experience sterile perfection with the 28L Sterilizer Steam Autoclave. Designed to meet every sterilization need, this standalone table-top tool redefines sterilization with unparalleled ease and efficiency. Its large internal chamber volume along with an impressive temperature capacity up to 134°C guarantees safe and fast sterilization of various items and liquids.

This advanced sterilizer features full automation steered by its state-of-the-art program control unit. The liquid temperature-control and pressure device offers targeted control for sterilizing liquids, all backed by an efficient recooling system that ensures complete sterilization.

Constructed on an epoxy coated metal housing for superior durability, the sterilizer is equipped with a stainless steel inner chamber and a robust self-sealing silicone gasket that tightly secures the door. But the functionality does not stop here. The soft-touch control panel offers user-friendly operation with clear display of necessary details such as temperature, pressure, time, and system errors.

Designed for maximum safety, the product features over-pressure and over-temperature protections. The built-in 5L water reservoir provides approximately 10 autoclaving cycles. It also alerts the user with audio-visual signals on cycle completion or system failure along with 'low-water-level' alarms.

Delivering autonomy and convenience, the product comes with a 30 minute (UPS) emergency power supply solution, two bacteriological filters, double gaskets, and other essential supplies. Instruction manuals in English, French, and Spanish languages aid smooth operation.

Well-suited for use in secondary, tertiary, and reference facilities, the 28L Sterilizer Steam Autoclave brings quality sterilization at your fingertips, letting you concentrate on productive laboratory work. Trust in the reliability of this solution – because we believe sterilization shouldn’t be a hassle. Let us handle it so you can focus on what's important.

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