Sterilization Kit C: Emergency Steam Sterilization Solution | Complete Sterilization Kit

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Sterilization Kit C: A highly-rated steam sterilization solution, optimized for prompt and efficient use in diverse environments, particularly in emergency situations.

  • Primarily adopted by professionals like midwives, physicians, and nurses with proficiency in midwifery and resuscitation.
  • Included in the UNICEF Emergency supply list for Health, specifically engineered for handling complex emergencies or natural calamities with inadequate health services.
  • Pack contains essential steam sterilization apparatus for optimal functionality, under controlled transportation and storage temperature not exceeding 30u00b0C.
  • Batch management is advocated for ensuring superior performance.

Note: The chemical formula and CAS number are not applicable for this product.

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Dependable and Versatile Sterilization Kit C: High-Capacity, Steam-Based Sterilization for Tricky Environments

Equip yourself with our Sterilization Kit C, expertly crafted to deliver uncompromised, reliable steam sterilization in the most challenging environments. This all-inclusive solution is designed for trained medical professionals, providing a significant resource for maintaining high regulation standards even in the face of emergencies or in settings with limited healthcare services.

Exceptional Features

  • Comes with a high-grade, single-burner Kerosene Stove (S0170000) delivering consistent heating for dependable sterilization.
  • Incorporates a technical-grade 39L Steam Sterilizer (S0156000), designed for large capacity, high-performance sterilization.
  • Features an accurate 60-minute Timer (S0983400) for executing precise sterilization cycles.
  • Equipped with a TST control spot/ PAC-300 Indicator (S0558100) to assure verification of effective sterilization.
  • Includes varying size Sterilizing Drums (165mm, 260mm, 290mm diam) to cater to different tool sizes.
  • Provides high-quality Kocher Artery Forceps (S0726000) for meticulous operations.

Portability, Storage, and Usage

Conveniently housed in two boxes with part numbers 1-2, Sterilization Kit C is designed for easy transportation and storage. It must be preserved under a controlled temperature of below 30 degrees Celsius. When in use, it is an essential element of the 'Midwifery Kit - Complete' and 'Obstetric, Surgical Kit - Complete'. Comprehensive instructions for use are provided in Technical Bulletins No.4 and No.5.

Emergency Situations Solution

Designed with the complexity of emergencies in mind, Sterilization Kit C serves as a vital lifeline during natural disasters, or in areas with minimal healthcare services. It is a vital component of the UNICEF emergency supply list, built to preserve healthcare standards in crisis situations.

Dimensions and Weight

An easy-to-handle solution, our Sterilization Kit C weighs an estimated 35kg and has a volume of 0.244m³, making it suitable for easy storage and portability.

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