Sterility Testing Canister KBF220 - For Accurate and Reliable Sterility Testing

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The Sterility Testing Canister KBF220, manufactured by Weike, is an EO-sterilized, double-packed instrument made for accurate pharmaceutical sterility testing. Its robust construction, derived from Styrene Acrylonitrile, enhances durability and resistance.

  • Designed with a standard MCE membrane and double-needle adapter, optimal for testing small drug vials.
  • Features a 100ml capacity canister that functions effectively up to 45u00b0C.
  • Ideal for sterility testing and processing of soluble antibiotic powders in vials.
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Boost Your Sterility Testing Confidence with Sterility Testing Canister KBF220

Elevate your pharmaceutical sterility testing procedures with the Sterility Testing Canister KBF220, a product by Weike. Designed for efficiency and precision, this ready-to-use filtration device optimally serves the purpose for antibiotic powders in vials. Its cutting-edge features minimize false-positive and negative outcomes, giving you the confidence in your sterility testing results.

Prominent Features and Advantages

  • Ready-to-use, Ethylene Oxide sterilized device, adhering to international pharmacopeia standards.
  • Sealed system enhancing safety and reliability by preventing undue exposure.
  • Equipped with a double needle adapter of small diameter, ideally suited for smaller vials.
  • Integrated dissolution, dilution and filtration functionalities for sterile diluents.
  • Constructed with sturdy Styrene Acrylonitrile for high durability and long-term usage.
  • Canister with capacity up to 100ml, allowing testing of substantial content.
  • Incorporates PVC double lumen tubing to ensure sterility.

Superior Specifications

  • Made from Styrene Acrylonitrile, offering increased durability.
  • 0.45u00b5m pore size optimized for trapping particles and ensuring efficient filtration.
  • Backed by versatile mixed esters of cellulose membrane, enhancing filtration efficiency.
  • 45u00b0C maximum operating temperature, adaptable to various environments.
  • High flow rate of >500 ml/minute @ 1 bar, ensuring quicker filtration.

Wide Applications

The KBF220 Sterility Testing Canister, with its design specialized for soluble antibiotic powders, is an excellent choice for pharmaceutical sterility tests and USP 7 sterility tests. Reach new heights in your sterility testing practices with the KBF220.

Assured Packaging

  • Each unit is individually packed, assuring sterility and safety.
  • Each carton contains 72 sets, sustaining ample supply.
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