Weikeu00ae Sterility Testing Canister FY220 | Premium Sterility Testing Device

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Weikeu00ae Sterility Testing Canister FY220 – Premium Quality Sterility Testing Solution

Weikeu00ae Sterility Testing Canister FY220, a dependable, ready-to-use filtration device designed for large-sized vials. Endowed with EO sterilization, it incorporates standard MCE Membranes, making it perfect for standard pharmaceutical products testing.

  • EO Sterilization: Guarantees ready-to-use filtration
  • Compliance with International Standards: Aligns with global pharmacopeia standards
  • Closed System Design: Minimizes false-positive and false-negative results
  • Vented Needle Adapter: Facilitates effective venting and product transfer
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Weikeu00ae Sterility Testing Canister FY220 - Premium Quality Filtration Device for Reliable Sterility Testing

Championing the arena of sterility testing devices, the Weikeu00ae Sterility Testing Canister FY220 is a versatile, ready-to-use tool devised specifically for efficacious sterility verification. It empowers you with reliable results and has been engineered for seamless testing of liquids housed in large vials.

Impressive Features

  • Pre-sterilized with Ethylene Oxide, ensuring contamination-free performance.
  • Adheres to international pharmacopeia standards, signifying assured quality.
  • Features closed system design, enhancing the reliability of readings by reducing false positives and negatives.
  • Equipped with a vented needle adapter, enabling efficient venting and seamless transfer of test substances.

Durable Construction

The Weikeu00ae canister is a testament to superior durability and functionality. It comprises a Mixed Cellulose Ester Membrane with an ideal pore size of 0.45u03bcm, promising exceptional filtration. Moreover, its robust Styrene Acrylonitrile container material and resilient Double Lumen PVC Tubing substantially elevate its performance capabilities.

Optimized Operation

Designed for smooth operation, this device operates at a maximum temperature of 45u00b0C. It boasts unparalleled water flow rates - over 500 ml per minute at 1 bar, and effortlessly accommodates a maximum inlet pressure of 3.1 bar at 25u00b0C. Its sterilization method, using Ethylene Oxide, assures comprehensive sterilization and enhanced test preparedness.

Broad-spectrum Applications

With its alignment to USP 71 compliance, the Weikeu00ae canister is a vital tool in pharmaceutical sterility testing. It is amenable to all forms of sterility testing and is particularly beneficial for applications within the pharmaceutical industry.

Packaging Information

Our focus extends beyond the product to its packaging. Every unit is individually packed to prevent contamination. The product typically ships in 5 working days, with each carton housing 72 sets, readily catering to bulk orders. Sample units are available upon request.

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