STAT-PAK HIV1/2 – The Revolutionised Approach for Swift and Reliable HIV Antibody Detection

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The STAT-PAK HIV1/2 is an exceptional rapid-detection tool for HIV antibodies in human serum, plasma, or whole blood samples. Features include:

  • Swift results: Accurate outcomes in just 15 minutes.
  • High sensitivity & specificity: Offers 99.52% sensitivity and 100% specificity.
  • User-friendly: Simple instructions, no specific chemical or CAS knowledge required.
  • Kit contents: Consists of 20 individual lateral-flow cassettes, a 3.5ml bottle of buffer solution, 20 disposable 5u03bcL sample loops, and a comprehensive user manual.

Given its broad application and user-friendliness, this is an ideal tool for rapid, reliable HIV detection.

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Introduce a New Era of HIV Testing with STAT-PAK HIV1/2

Elevate the effectiveness of HIV detection within your laboratory or healthcare setup with the STAT-PAK HIV1/2. This comprehensive HIV antibody detection solution stands distinct in the realm of rapid testing techniques, revolutionizing the process by blending innovative technology with a user-friendly format. Meet an unprecedented level of diagnostic confidence through its superior performance, quick turn-around time, and impressive reliability.

  • Near-instant results: Designed to meet the demands of scenarios requiring immediate results, STAT-PAK HIV1/2 delivers decisive outcomes in a short span of 15 minutes. This expeditious turnaround time brings swiftness and efficiency into your operations.
  • Precise and Dependable: With an extraordinary sensitivity rate of 99.52% and a 100% specificity rate, STAT-PAK HIV1/2 guarantees reliable results. The elimination of false positives substantiates the precision and eminence of this advanced diagnostic tool.
  • Extensive Compatibility: Broadening its spectrum of usability, STAT-PAK HIV1/2 is validated to analyze different samples, including whole blood, serum, and plasma. This optimal compatibility allows it to fit into various testing situations conveniently.
  • Hi-tech Rapid Assay: Thanks to its sophisticated rapid immunochromatographic assay technique, STAT-PAK HIV1/2 adds a technological edge to your testing process, producing results swiftly, accurately, and repeatably.
  • User-friendly Design: Crafted with a lateral flow cassette design, STAT-PAK HIV1/2 provides extreme ease of handling, making it an ideal choice for different testing environments, whether a clinic, hospital, or laboratory.

Each kit comes equipped with 20 individually pouched cassettes, a 3.5ml buffer bottle, 20 disposable 5-micron sample loops, and an in-depth user manual, capable of carrying out 20 tests.

Storage and Lifespan: The kit, crafted for longevity, possesses a shelf-life of 24 months from the manufacturing date. Maintain its storage at a temperature between 8-30°C, away from humidity and sunlight to sustain high efficiency.

Safety Measures: Safety is our utmost concern. Therefore, we advise strict adherence to the manufacturer's guidelines while handling and disposing of potential infectious materials.

STAT-PAK HIV1/2 effortlessly combines technology and convenience, emerging as the leading solution for swift, accurate, and dependable HIV antibody detection.

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