Top Quality May-Grunwald Giemsa, RAL 555, In-Vitro Diagnostic Stain Set

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Introducing the High-Quality Stain, May-Grunwald Giemsa, RAL 555, Set – a premier choice for clinical laboratories requiring precise in-vitro diagnostics. This set comprises three 100ml solutions for cell staining purposes – Methanol, Eosin (80mg) pH 7, and Methylene Blue (120mg) pH 7. Notably used for malaria parasite detection, this kit is optimally stored in a dark area with temperatures between 15 to 25°C, ensuring an 18-month shelf life. It comes packaged in either amber glass or HDPE bottles, with the exception of necessary accessories like a microscope, slides, pipettes, etc. Its shipping classification includes UN Number 1230, Danger Class 3 (6.1), Packing Group II and the Proper Shipping Name: Methanol.

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High-Quality Stain, May-Grunwald Giemsa, RAL 555, Set for Precise In-Vitro Diagnostics

Experience top-notch in-vitro diagnostic results with our premium Stain, May-Grunwald Giemsa, RAL 555. The set is expertly designed for cell and malaria parasite staining in clinical laboratories. It offers accurate and precise results for paramount healthcare decision-making processes.

  • Highly Effective: The set contains Methanol, highly regarded for its cell fixating capabilities. It plays a significant role in improving the efficiency of staining.
  • Comprehensive Staining: Our set is designed to stain both eosinophilic and basophilic components, with its dedicated mixes of Eosin with Water and Methylene blue with Water, at pH 7, respectively.
  • Easy To Use: Pre-packaged in three ready-to-use solution bottles, facilitating effortless application and usage in busy clinical settings.
  • Product Stability: Our solutions are conserved in amber glass or HDPE bottles, intended to maintain the stability and quality of the solutions.
  • Long-Shelf Life: Offering an impressive shelf-life of 18 months, it ensures prolonged usage and lowers purchase repetition.
  • Optimal Storage: To provide the best performance, the products should be stored between 15 to 25°C in a dark place, ensuring quality retention and a longer life span.
  • Environmentally Friendly Disposal: The disposal recommendations are provided by the manufacturer to ensure environmentally friendly practices.
  • Shipping: Shipped under UN number: 1230, its efficient packaging and safe transport are assured.
  • Compact packaging: Despite its comprehensive utilities, the product weighs only 0.45kg with an estimated volume of 0.0019m3.

Upgrade your laboratory with our Stain, May-Grunwald Giemsa, RAL 555, set and ensure precise, trustworthy results in your in-vitro diagnostics.

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