SSC Buffer 20x - Reliable Solution for Hybridizations

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SSC Buffer 20x is a ready-to-use liquid solution designed for multi-purpose use in hybridizations. With a high concentration of salts, this buffer ensures efficient nucleic acid binding to membranes. It can be easily diluted to any concentration needed, allowing for flexible experimental conditions.

  • Ready-to-use liquid solution: No preparation required for immediate use.
  • Multi-purpose use in hybridizations: Suitable for various hybridization applications, including Northern and Southern blotting.
  • Easily diluted to any concentration needed: Enables flexibility in experimental conditions.
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SSC Buffer 20x

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SSC Buffer 20x is a highly reliable and efficient solution specifically formulated for use in hybridizations, such as Northern and Southern blotting. Blotting techniques are fundamental methods in molecular biology used for the detection and characterization of nucleic acids. The success of these techniques heavily relies on the performance of the hybridization buffer.

SSC Buffer 20x is a ready-to-use liquid solution, eliminating the need for tedious preparation procedures. It provides convenience and ease of use, saving valuable time in the laboratory. Simply open the bottle and start using it.

This high-quality buffer is optimized with a high concentration of salts, ensuring efficient nucleic acid binding to membranes. The specialized composition of SSC Buffer 20x facilitates strong and specific hybridization signals, enhancing the overall sensitivity and reliability of your experiments.

Key Features:

  • Ready-to-use liquid solution
  • Multi-purpose use in hybridizations
  • Easily diluted to any concentration needed

Ingredients and Composition

SSC Buffer 20x contains a precise combination of chemicals, including:

  • Sodium chloride (NaCl): Provides the necessary ionic strength for nucleic acid binding.
  • Sodium citrate (Na3C6H5O7): A buffering agent that helps maintain a stable pH and prevents pH shifts during hybridization.
  • Double-distilled water: A purified solvent used as the base of the solution.

The use of high-purity chemicals ensures the consistency and reliability of SSC Buffer 20x. Each ingredient is carefully selected and manufactured to meet the highest industry standards, resulting in a product of exceptional quality.

Flexible Experimental Conditions

One of the key advantages of SSC Buffer 20x is its flexibility. The buffer can be easily diluted to any concentration needed, allowing for the adjustment of experimental conditions as required. This feature is especially useful in optimizing hybridization conditions and achieving the desired results.

Whether you need a higher or lower concentration of the buffer, simply dilute with the appropriate amount of water to achieve the desired dilution. This versatility enables researchers to fine-tune their experiments and supports a wide range of applications.

SSC Buffer 20x has been extensively tested and validated in various molecular biology applications. It consistently delivers excellent results in Northern and Southern blotting techniques, ensuring reliable and reproducible outcomes.

For best results, store SSC Buffer 20x at the recommended temperature and avoid exposure to extreme heat or direct sunlight. This ensures the stability and efficacy of the buffer throughout its shelf life.

Unlock the full potential of your hybridization experiments with SSC Buffer 20x. Its ready-to-use nature, high salt concentration, and easy dilution make it the ideal choice for superior nucleic acid binding in Northern and Southern blotting techniques.

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