High-Performance Hand Operated Compression Sprayer 7.4 Litres - For Home & Professional Use

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The High-Performance 7.4 Litres Hand Operated Compression Sprayer is meticulously crafted for precise, stable, and continuous application of chemicals like chlorine, pesticides, and insecticides. Capable of enduring high pressure and UV rays, its highlights include a Large Capacity for prolonged use, Easy Operation and Stability via a distinctive locking device, Accurate Pressure Control due to a safety valve and pressure gauge, an Efficient Storage system maintaining pressure even with detached parts, and a Precise Application mechanism with a top-attached hose, flow valve, and nozzle. Resistant to corrosion, it is a top choice for both home and professional use.

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High-Performance 7.4 Litres Hand Operated Compression Sprayer for Home and Professional Use

Introducing our High-Performance 7.4 Litres Hand Operated Compression Sprayer, a versatile spraying solution crafted with advanced features to ensure maximum spraying capacity. This tool is ideal for a variety of uses, including gardening, insect control, and professional applications.

Key Features:

  • Durable High-Capacity Tank: A robust, cylindrical shaped-tube holds up to 7.4 litres for consistent, prolonged spraying. Built with UV-resistant materials for longevity even under extended sun exposure.
  • Efficient Hand Operation: An easy-to-operate air pump with a dual-handed handle and separate locking system allows for easy and efficient spraying.
  • Safety-First Design: The sprayer incorporates a pressure release safety valve and regulated air pressure to ensure safe operation while providing maximum efficiency.
  • Shutoff Valve: This feature allows for pressure retention even when the hose and discharge set are removed
  • User-Friendly Features: It includes a top-attached hose with a dip tube, control flow valve, nozzle, and a system to hold the lance when not in use for effortless operation.

Designed with pressure and corrosion-resistant materials, this sprayer delivers robust performance and durability for a range of tasks. It's lightweight, portable, and can weigh up to 25kg when filled to capacity. The sprayer's optimum performance and user-friendly design make it perfect for spraying chlorine, pesticides, or insecticides, making it a staple for gardeners, homeowners, and professionals.

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