Spectrotec Tapping Points ET2000V: Advanced Wall-Mounted Gas Pressure Control Solution

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The Spectrotec Tapping Points ET2000V is a certified wall-mounted, single-stage gas pressure control device, designed for use with non-corrosive industrial gases and oxygen. Key features include:



  • Accuracy in control and limitation of outlet pressure through special adjustment
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  • An integrated filter in the pressure regulator ensuring clean gas flow
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  • Compliance with DIN EN ISO 5171 and inclusive of a safety pressure gauge
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  • Manufactured from durable materials like brass, EPDM, and PA
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  • Compact and lightweight, facilitating easy installation
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  • A versatile temperature range between -30u00b0C and 60u00b0C
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This solution is best suited for industries requiring precise gas regulation and uncompromised safety compliance.

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Spectrotec Tapping Points ET2000V - The Future of Wall-Mounted Gas Pressure Control

The Spectrotec Tapping Points ET2000V is a top-tier, wall-mounted tapping point built with the objective to provide effective control over industrial gases. Its dynamic design and compact size are just the beginning; this controller is brimming with features that make it a catch for any industry dealing with non-corrosive gases.

Premium Features

  • Unparalleled Precision: Thanks to its single-stage configuration, the ET2000V guarantees maintained control accuracy.
  • Adaptive Pressure Control: One of its defining features is the capacity to adjust outlet pressure, granting you with operational flexibility and safety.
  • Dependable Filter System: The pressure regulator houses an integrated central filter that promotes the smooth and steady flow of gases.
  • Compliant Safety Measures: The ET2000V aligns with safety standards, featuring a pressure gauge made in conformity with DIN EN ISO 5171 regulations.
  • Universal Port Compatibility: Accompanied by an array of inlet and outlet valves, it aligns with various industrial applications without fuss.
  • Ace Weather Resistance: These tapping points can function optimally amid diverse temperature ranges, spanning from -30°C to 60°C.
  • Prime Leak Preventive Mechanism: Equipped with an impressive leakage rate of less than 10-4 mbar l/s He, it minimises wastage and maximises safety.

All these cutting edge features packed into the ET2000V make it your top choice for maintaining a hygienic, safe, and efficient gas control in the most demanding of industrial environments.

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