Spectrotec U47 Industrial Gas Pressure Regulator: High-Precision Control

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Spectrotec U47 Industrial Gas Pressure Regulator: Enhanced Precision and Control

  • Single-Stage Regulator: Customized for optimal control of non-corrosive industrial gases.
  • Unparalleled Flow Rate: Achieves a superior flow rate of up to 2000 m³/h, improving operational efficacy.
  • Adaptable Inlet Pressure: Allows for inlet pressure ranging from 16 to 300 bar, promoting versatile application.
  • Dependable Safety Integral: Emphasizes on security through attributes like a core filter, safety pressure gauge adhering to DIN EN ISO 5171 standard, and a safety relief valve.
  • Resistant to Temperature Extremes: Performs impressively in temperatures ranging from -30°C to 60°C.
  • Premium Material Construction: Features a body of brass, Alu bonnet (powder-coated), NBR diaphragm, and EPDM piston for resilient durability.

This product is equipped with a soldered inlet for 300 bar and is not suitable for oxygen use.

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Spectrotec U47 Industrial Gas Pressure Regulator: Precision Regulation for Non-Corrosive Industrial Gases

The Spectrotec U47 Industrial Gas Pressure Regulator is the embodiment of cutting-edge design, extraordinary performance, and lasting durability. Specifically constructed for the regulation of non-corrosive industrial gases, this industrial titan reassures with unbeatable ruggedness and superior precision control.

With a superior maximum flow rate of 2000 m³/h, the Spectrotec U47 assures high-efficiency operations for all your industrial needs. Experience unprecedented control with an outlet pressure of up to 150 bar from this single-stage regulator. Designed with uncompromising safety features, it conforms to DIN EN ISO 5171 standards for its pressure gauge.

Mastercraft Design and Superior Durability

The Spectrotec U47 manifests a masterful blend of advanced design and superior robustness. Boasting a central filter and integrated relief valve, it enhances performance while maintaining ultimate safety. Crafted with a robust brass body and a sturdy aluminum bonnet, the regulator promises longer product life and reliable performance.

Temperature Resilience and User-Friendly Features

Stellar performance is assured across a wide temperature range from -30°C to 60°C. Accompanied with prominent features like wall brackets, inlet, and outlet fittings for user convenience. Please keep in mind that the Spectrotec U47 is not intended for oxygen use and comes with a specifically soldered inlet fitting for 300 bar.

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