Spectrotec Pressure Regulator U33: Supreme High-Precision & ISO 5171 Compliant Product

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Spectrotec Pressure Regulator U33: Unrivalled High-Precision & ISO 5171 Compliant Design

Experience superior accuracy and safety with the state-of-the-art Spectrotec Pressure Regulator U33. This single-stage regulator is your trusted partner for managing non-corrosive industrial gases.

  • Exacting Accuracy: Enjoy precise control over industrial gas flow.
  • In-Built Safety Feature: With integrated armature protection, it sets a new standard in safety.
  • Enhanced Cleanliness: The integrated inlet-fitting filter ensures a clean gas supply.

Resilient in extreme temperatures (-30u00b0C to +60u00b0C) and handling up to 10 bar of maximum inlet pressure, this model guarantees operational efficiency with a maximum flow rate of 25 m3/h. Complying with DIN EN ISO 5171, it promises not just supreme control, but sustainable operations.

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Spectrotec Pressure Regulator U33: Unparalleled High-Precision & ISO 5171 Compliant Design

Introducing the Spectrotec Pressure Regulator U33, a paragon of meticulous engineering that aligns stellar control accuracy with an exhaustive application range. Adhering to the highest industry standards, including DIN EN ISO 5171, this regulator effortlessly manages an extensive array of non-corrosive industrial gases, signifying the zenith of technological proficiency.

Precision is the cornerstone of its design. The U33 is intrinsically equipped with a relief valve that ensures comprehensive armature protection. It's designed to operate at 10-20% above the output pressure. A filter in the inlet fitting simplifies usability, and the regulator is delivered with essential fittings and wall brackets.

  • Exceeding efficiency expectations with a high flow rate, propelling up to 25 m3/h.
  • Optimal pressure control is facilitated with Inlet Pressure P1: Max. 10 bar, and Outlet Pressure P2: ranging from 5 mbar to 1500 mbar.
  • Constructed with premium materials - an Aluminium body and bonnet combined with NBR diaphragm and valve seat, augmenting product lifetime.
  • Performance remains uncompromised in temperature extremities spanning from -30°C to 60°C.
  • An exceptional leak rate less than 10-4 mbar l/s He minimizes possibility of leakage, thus optimizing operational safety.
  • Easy installation and noticeable portability, courtesy of a compact and lightweight design weighing roughly 2 kg, promoting reduced system weight.

To summarize, the Spectrotec Pressure Regulator U33 is a premier choice for industries requiring high control precision, optimum security, and operational efficiency. Trust this unrivalled pressure regulator for seamless and protected gas pressure management in diverse industrial environments.

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