Spectrotec Pressure Regulator U23: High-Quality Industrial Gas Control Solution

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The Spectrotec Pressure Regulator U23 provides precision-based regulation of non-corrosive industrial gases, utilized predominantly in gas chromatography, gas analysis, and gas delivery systems amongst other applications. Key features:

  • Control accuracy: Pioneers in high control precision with a single-stage diaphragm design.
  • Superior functionality: Integrated with a relief valve, a central filter, and a DIN EN ISO 5171 compliant safety pressure gauge.
  • Capability: Handles a flow rate up to 500 m3/h and an outlet pressure maintaining up to 2.5 bar.
  • Durable: Constructed with Brass, Powder Coated Aluminum, NBR, and PTFE.
  • Temperature Resilience: Operates efficiently across -30u00b0C to 60u00b0C.
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Spectrotec Pressure Regulator U23 u2013 The Benchmark for Industrial Gas Control

The Spectrotec Pressure Regulator U23 sets the bar high in terms of industrial gas control. It is specifically designed to manage non-corrosive industrial gases with precision and efficiency.

This diaphragm pressure regulator is a single-stage model known for its impeccable control accuracy, which optimizes gas flow regulation across different industrial working conditions. A defining feature is the integrated central filter that effectively improves the purity of the gas flow.

As a testimony to its unwavering commitment to safety, the regulator is built according to DIN EN ISO 5171 specifications, including a pressure gauge compliant to the same standard. The pressure regulator includes a specialized filter in the inlet fitting for oxygen and an integrated relief valve.With these safety features, the Propionate U23 ensures absolute safety even during high-pressure operations.

  • Flow Rate: Capable of managing high-volume operations, this unit can handle a flow rate of up to 500 m3/h.
  • Inlet Pressure: Can withstand an inlet pressure of up to 40 bar, perfect for high-pressure gas operations.
  • Outlet Pressure: Delivers up to 2.5 bar of outlet pressure, with a 20-bar variant available upon request.
  • Materials: Built tough with a high-strength brass body and powder-coated aluminum bonnet. Its NBR diaphragm and PTFE valve seat enhance its durability and operational performance.
  • Temperature Suitability: Can function across extreme weather conditions, ranging from -30°C to 60°C.
  • Weight: Weighing in at approximately 6.5 kg, its compact and lightweight design facilitates easy installation and mobility.
  • Leak Rate: Contains any leaks efficiently with a minimal leak rate of less than 10-4 mbar l/s He. This preserves the value of your gases by reducing wastage.

Compatible accessories, such as wall brackets and in-/outlet fittings, are also available to assure the seamless integration of the Spectrotec Pressure Regulator U23 into various industrial settings.


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