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Experience precise control and pressure regulation with the Spectrotec Pressure Regulator U12 E. Key features include:

  • Intended use: Ideal for remote-controlled regulation needed in process control systems and cutting machines.
  • Design: Single-stage, dome-loaded diaphragm line pressure regulator delivering high accuracy.
  • Durability: Made from resistant materials such as brass, NBR, and PA.
  • Flow rates: Handles up to 300 mu00b3/h air.
  • Temperature: Suitable for ranging from -30u00b0C to 60u00b0C.
  • Additional features: Integrated relief valve, central filter, and availability of optional fittings and wall brackets.
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Spectrotec Pressure Regulator U12 E: Unmatched Industrial-Grade Pressure Regulation Solution

Distinguished as an industry leader, the Spectrotec Pressure Regulator U12 E stands out as a top-tier pressure regulation tool for a diverse range of applications. Its superior construction pairs with its outstanding performance to offer value that far surpasses any competitor.

  • This singular pressure regulator exemplifies a single-stage operation, offering high control accuracy and a significant reduction in outlet pressure.
  • It facilitates a flow rate of up to 300 m³/h, delivering a powerful output for your industrial needs.
  • The sturdy brass body guarantees longevity, immense durability, and resistance to wear and tear.
  • The inclusion of an integrated relief valve and central filter together streamline the regulator's operation, providing a hassle-free experience and an extended lifespan.
  • The adaptable design allows for an inlet pressure of up to 40 bar and an outlet pressure ranging from 4 to 30 bar, satisfying diverse industrial settings requirements.
  • Accessorize with optional features such as wall brackets and inlet/outlet fittings for a personalized use case.

Lauded for its ability to perform optimally despite harsh conditions, the Spectrotec Pressure Regulator U12 E operates effectively within a temperature range of -30°C to 60°C. Despite its comprehensive features, the regulator is lightweight, tipping the scales at only 2.8kg. With the extremely low leak rate of less than 10^-4 mbar l/s He, the Spectrotec Pressure Regulator U12 E solidifies its stand as an invaluable tool for maintaining safety and integrity in high-precision processes.

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