Spectrotec High-Flow Pressure Control Panels | Precision & Versatility Redefined

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Experience top-notch pressure control with Spectrotec High-Flow Pressure Control Panels. Precisely engineered, these panels serve versatile applications thanks to their high flow capacity and 300 bar maximum inlet pressure.

  • Single-stage design and pressure-compensated main valves assure complete reliability
  • Modular design permits adaptation to diverse cylinder or bundle configurations
  • Central filters in regulators and shut-off valves with indicators enhance performance
  • Presence of a process gas valve on the inlet pressure side guarantees high control accuracy
  • Comes inclusive of a relief valve, approved for use with oxygen

Trust Spectrotec for robust, efficient, and adaptable pressure control solutions.

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Spectrotec High-Flow Pressure Control Panels: The Epitome of Precision and Versatility

Introducing our Spectrotec High-Flow Pressure Control Panels, intricately designed to deliver unparalleled precision and superior performance across an array of technical applications. Engineered with keen attention to detail, these robust systems adeptly handle high-flow non-corrosive technical gases, promising exceptional efficiency and configuration flexibility.

The impactful blend of a single-stage type with a compensated main valve, laden within the pressure control panels, ensures maximum operational efficiency under heavy-duty usage. The automatic change-over function distinguishes our panels - consistently maintaining gas flow and considerably reducing downtime in operations.

A testament to its versatility, the Spectrotec Pressure Control Panel embraces a modular design. Its easily scalable architecture configures to multiple cylinders or bundles as per evolving operational needs, making it a top choice across sectors. The compact design simplifies installation, offering effortless deployment.

The panels cleverly incorporate a central filter in their pressure regulators, fighting against clogs and ensuring a steady flow. The regulators hold a high control accuracy, complemented by an integrated relief valve, thereby boosting the safety parameters.

With a focus on safety and convenience, our panels feature shut-off valves with On/Off indicators, process gas valve, and a purge valve on the inlet pressure side. The safety pressure gauges comply with DIN EN ISO 5171 adding another layer of safety.

With maximum inlet pressure values of up to 300 bars and variable outlet pressure, operational efficiency sees a new high. The impressive low leak rate, combined with the temperature range from -30u00b0C to 60u00b0C makes our panels highly versatile in usage.

Fulfilling expectations of durability, our panels wear a hard-bodied construction: a brass body, NBR diaphragm, brass piston, PA valve seat, sintered bronze filter process gas valve, nickel filter regulator, and stainless-steel mounting plates, meticulously designed to provide long-lasting use.

Key Features

  • High flow capacity with efficient performance
  • Modular design supports easy expansion
  • Complemented by a single-stage type with compensated main valve
  • Pressure regulators with high control accuracy for robust operation
  • Shut-off valves equipped with On/Off position indicators for safety
  • Tolerance for maximum inlet pressure values of up to 300 bars
  • Variable outlet pressure offers operational flexibility
  • Durable, robust construction ensures longevity
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