Spectrotec BU13 Pressure Control Panels: High-Flow, Non-Corrosive Gas Management Solution

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Spectrotec BU13 Pressure Control Panels: Premium High-Flow, Non-Corrosive Gas Control

Regulate non-corrosive, high-flow industrial gases reliably with the top-tier Spectrotec Pressure Control Panel BU13. Produced for heavy-duty applications, this device is marked by:

  • Integrated relief valve in the precise regulator
  • On/Off position indicators in shut-off valves
  • Adherence to DIN EN ISO 5171 and DIN EN 730 safety standards
  • Easy to install, compatible with oxygen
  • High inlet pressure capacity of up to 300 bar
  • Single-sided and double-sided models available

With its robust features and efficiency, it’s the ultimate solution for a range of industry settings.

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Spectrotec BU13 Pressure Control Panels: Premium Solution for High-Flow, Non-Corrosive Gas Control

The Spectrotec BU13 Pressure Control Panels serve as the ultimate control system for high-flow and non-corrosive industrial gases. Setting the benchmark through unmatched control and world-class design, these Pressure Control Panels offer reliability and superior performance with a focus on safety and efficiency.

The modular design introduces adaptability that caters to various cylinder configurations, enhancing user-friendly operation. With features like filter at the process gas inlet valve and a central regulator filter, the panels reduce strain on the valve, thereby increasing its lifespan.

  • The high control accuracy regulator with an integrated relief valve guarantees precision and trusted operations.
  • A highlight of these panels is the inclusion of shut-off valves with On/Off-position indicators and extra safety devices aligning with DIN EN 730.
  • Constructed from robust materials like brass, powder-coated Alu, NBR, PA11, sintered bronze, nickel, and stainless steel, these panels exhibit a high level of resilience.
  • With an operational capacity for inlet pressure values up to 300 bar, the Pressure Control Panels come in both single-sided and double-sided models.
  • Tested for compatibility with oxygen, the panels operate in a vast temperature range from -30°C to 60°C, demonstrating their reliability in various conditions.
  • The Spectrotec BU13 Pressure Control Panels ensure high-quality standards with a perfect leak rate of less than 10-4 mbar l/s He. Weighing between 6.5 kg to 12.5 kg, these panels offer a compact yet powerful solution for your industrial gas control needs.

Embrace the Spectrotec BU13 Pressure Control Panels for a reliable, precise and user-friendly solution for industrial gas control.

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